Monday, May 9, 2011

Simple Country Style

The Latest Sewing Room Project: ~

My client (and gardening friend), Mrs. Ann L,
wanted a country style guest bedroom.  I've done several other projects with my sweet friend, but she wanted this room to have a more masculine feel. 

She already had this fabulous wrought iron bed, painted ivory.

Perfect fabrics for a (manly) country bedroom:
Natural flax color linen,
deep red burlap,
with taupe ticking stripe.

I made the duvet and shams with the ticking stripe.

I wish I could take credit for that FAB red & taupe quilt on the foot of the bed, but I believe it was from either Rich's or Macy's.  It was the perfect inspiration, and all of our projects were designed around that.

The linen drapes were tab top, and hemmed just below the lower edge of the window.   The valances were finished with a simple linen stripe a few inches from the lower hem, with center pleats.  The toss pillow on the bed was finished with the same linen stripe, as was the bed skirt. 

I didn't get a photo of the bed skirt, 
because Mrs. Ann wanted to share a little history, and some of her treasures with me,
and this is the kind of history that I love.

Her grandmother's name was Matilda.
She was born on December 26, 1862.
She passed away on Dec 18, 1940.
And she was a Quilter.

This quilt is almost 100 years old.
It is quite delicate,
but there isn't a single hole in this quilt, anywhere. 
It is in pristine condition.

A real treasure.

Mrs Ann has stacks of these incredible quilts that were made by her Grandmother, Matilda, as well as her Mother.    Matilda continued to make quilts until she was almost completely blind.  I feel absolutely honored that Ann allowed me to finish the last quilt top that Matilda ever made.

She made these quilts entirely by hand.
The precision on these points...
I'm all about precision.
Especially when it comes to quilts. 

Hundreds of tiny little triangles, and diamonds, perfectly stitched.

And all of that perfect applique,
makes me swoon.
You fellow quilters know what I mean.

Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.
And this is the work of a true artist.

This next photo is the back of the quilt.
You can really see the quilting on the back.

Those tiny little stitches...
so perfectly spaced...

I am in awe...

My quilting is all done on my trusty Bernina.
But one day, when I'm old(er)...
I hope I can slow down enough to master the art of hand quilting like this.
That's one for my bucket list.

My dear friend has entrusted me to finish several more quilt tops that were made by her Grandmother.  The next one is more beautiful than the last.

I will have photos to share in a few weeks.
Stay tuned!!

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