Thursday, May 5, 2011

That's Right - I'm Hot!


Look at ME!

Yesterday, I was featured on

The Handmade Gift Guide!

Okay... not really Me...
but my best selling item on etsy.

Backyard BBQ - Handmade Gifts for Grillers

Along with these other handmade goodies.

 PBR Beer Bottle Cap Coaster Set {$20} Zipper8Design

Zipper8Design has The Cutest coasters and trivets that are made with all sorts of interesting items, like corks, scrabble pieces, and my favorite... botanical flowers and leaves.  L-O-V-E it!!

I am drooling over the mason jar solar lights!
Want it bad!

Love the labels...
"Eat Me"

All of these items are great for BBQ's. 
But not just BBQ's...
Barn Weddings, Country themed parties... you name it.

Thank You!  Anne Hayman of Lillian George,
for including my etsy items in your wonderful feature.

Muchas Gracias!

But that's not all...
Oh no!

Also yesterday...
I found out that I won an original oil painting by
Barbara Wurden

Oh Yes I did!
How sweet is that?

If you haven't checked out The Handy Goddess,
do yourself a favor, and get to it!

Not only is she Hilarious,
but so talented! 
I'm telling ya...
She is an artist,
a woodworker,
she sews,
does upholstery,
You name it!
The woman can build anything!

Barbara is an inspiration for all Women.
I you think you "can't" operate power tools,
or other things that typically are done by men...

She's here to show you...

Yes!  You CAN!


  1. Congrat's Daisy on being featured. Your work is exquisite really. Are those the ones that were at the "barn" wedding? So nice, so you.
    I know you love the "goddess" so it's really cool that you won her sweet bunny plate. I bet I know a little missy that has called it her own : )
    We are waiting for spring to spring around here. Nothing, nada, not one stupid flower poking it's head out. Miserable and cold all week.
    Getting ready for my "glitz & glam" weekend in Mtl. Should be fun if it doesn't rain : (
    Love you Daisy Duke.

  2. Congrats you hot mama you!!!


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