Friday, September 26, 2008

Ms Ann L.

Understated Elegance
My friend "Ann" asked me to make these window treatments for her guest bedroom. Floor to ceiling panels in a cream colored floral fabric, with simple pole mounted, scalloped valance and cream colored tassel fringe.

I just adore the details in the room. Like the Singer pedal type sewing table base painted white. And the 'Granny Square' crochet bedspread folded across the foot of her bed.

And what a bed it is ... to die for. Makes my heart go pitter-patter.

The battenburg lace bedding complements antiques in the room perfectly.

My final piece for the room .... this single dainty pillow for the bed.

Now my latest work for Ms. Ann:

In another bedroom, I made the 2 simple flanged pillow shams in a luxurious rose color heavy brushed cotton. The smaller gold color silk pillow has small cording covered in the same rose color fabric and fat cording loosely covered with gold silk rouching.

One loooong valance.

In Ann's living room, I made this very long valance. Navy background fabric with a muted red floral print. Finished with red tassel fringe.

And of course a few matching toss pillows.

The open floor plan leads to the adjoining kitchen, so I made a co-ordinating board mounted valance for the kitchen window. This is one of my favorite pieces, I think because the swags are very short. They just cover the space above the window, but without blocking too much of the window.

This next piece has nothing to do with my work, but I just had to post a pic of it. This is Ann's handi work. She found an old cupboard type cabinet years ago and decided to add pierced tin doors. She got 2 pieces of tin and layed out the pattern and did all of this piercing herself.

This is something that I have always wanted to do, and just havent found the time. I hope that one day I will get the chance. Like I don't have enough hobbies.

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