Friday, January 14, 2011


Upholstery Class is now in Session.
Want to learn how to upholster from a professional ?
(no snickering in class)

I am too a professional!
(sort of)

Got a great old chair that needs a facelift??
C'mon ~ You can do this!
I'll be right here to help you, and answer any questions you may have along the way.
I've been promising this online tutorial for a while,
so here it is.

(before and after)
In reverse.

I am in lurve with this chair!
Which I've affectionately dubbed
"the cow chair".

When I met her, she looked like this....

Yeah, it was time to have some work done.

One question I am frequently asked is whether a piece is worth recovering, or not.  Almost always, my answer is YES!  Older furniture pieces have so much more charm than typical pieces made today.  Not to mention... the quality of older pieces far surpasses the quality of most furniture made today.

So think about it like this... You've got this great old chair, but she's not lookin' too good and you're too embarrassed to be seen with her.  Don't toss her out!  If you do the upholstery yourself, it's really very inexpensive.  Your only investment is fabric, and probably foam & batting. 

For example ~ fabric for 'Flossie' up there was $7 per yard, I purchased 7 yards. Plus one yard of red canvas for the cording, which was about $7 as well.  Do the math... that is only $56 in fabric cost. 

See what I'm saying??
YES, it's worth it to recover great old pieces like this.

Now... Who's ready for class???
For your homework ~ Go out in the garage, or storage, and get that fabulous old gal. 

Oh... one more thing.
There are NO special tools required.
Here are the tools that I use.

flat head screwdriver.
Staple gun, either manual or electric.
I have a few extra tools, which are optional, and not necessary.
You do need a sewing machine, cause you will have to do a little sewing too. 

Be ready for class tomorrow.
We're gonna roll up our sleeves and get busy.
Any questions, class?


  1. You are "TOTALLY" a professional"! I too struggle in making others believe I too am a "professional"! The tend to doubt my word!

    Take care, Sue

  2. Ahhhhh, I absolutely LOVE Flossie!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! If you lived closer to me I'd have to try and talk you into selling her to me for my "library/den", which has black bookshelves, which adjoins my "kitchen/dining room" which is painted red and will be decorated in a "farm" theme!
    This is a skill I REALLY need to learn, but don't have the time right now. I'll have to bookmark your class for future reference.

  3. I love Flossie too. Sadly, she isn't mine. This was a client project. But I loved this fabric so much that I ordered double! Flossie 2 will be MINE!

  4. OH, Teresa... now that has got to be the world's CUTEST chair! You did a fabulous job on that. It's wonderful, and boy, am I impressed with your skill.

    I will follow along, but I'm like the most inept person in the world with things like this. But I love to watch someone who is as talented as you do this.

    Flossie is the bee's knees!


    Sheila :-)

  5. Teresa! If you will come down here I will take my class from you!! LOVE this chair! I
    will be here for every class!!

    Lou Cinda

  6. Wow! Teresa! What a great idea! I can hardly wait. I have massacred several pieces of furniture on my own so I'm looking forward to some guidance.


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