Sunday, February 14, 2010

Deep Freeze

This week in Georgia...

in Georgia!!
Shorty had a blast.
She ended up soaking wet, her fingers were frozen and red, and she squeeled with delight for 2 days. It's not very often that we can build a snowman here in the deep south.
As for me... I am sooo ready for warm weather and sunshine and time spent in the garden.


  1. It's interesting that when I spoke to the big guy upstairs : ) and asked him to not send anymore snow to Canada, he said "Don't worry about it, I have it all taken care of"... and that's that.
    Glad princess enjoyed herself. I hope you made them some nice hot chocolate after all that work sister!
    I'm still dealing with the tooth, another couple Wednesday's to go. I have another cold coming on : ( Not good for the dentist.
    So it seems like the plan is to be at CC's around March 15,16 for a couple of days. She's so excited gee I'm honoured. So not sure if you want to join us in and around Atlanta, probably Buckhead for an afternoon, or come to Lakeland for the party. Let me know, and please keep those cute hand towels for me. I haven't forgotten.
    Miss you, but hopefully I will see you soon.
    Happy Valentine to you and the kiddos.
    Love Claudie

  2. Great photos and "Shorty" is so cute! I call Riley "Shorty" too!! The snow is nice to "see" in pictures. I wouldn't care to actually live in it! We had temps here today in the upper 80's! Damn global warming is messing with us!
    Take care, Sue

  3. You got snow??? I think that was a great fun for the kids there!
    We have snow and frost since many weeks and we can´t see it anymore. I want SPRING....NOW!!!
    I read the post of Claudie and thought it would be great to meet you both in March....but unfortunately I can´t....We planned to start renovating the upstairs rooms in march when Klaus is on his annual Schooltrip. That is in march 15. That will be a lot of work and I think it will last until summer holidays.
    Steffen is sad because he is sick since the weekend. They have a great carnival party at school today and he had to stay at home(vomit and fever)
    hugs to you and the kids

  4. So happy that you were able to enjoy some snow. I am definitely DONE with winter and spring cannot get here fast enough, but it seems to keep eluding me!

    Hope you have a great week!



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