Friday, January 22, 2010

Turquoise and The Blues

Turquoise has been named Pantone's 2010 color of the year!
I do love turquoise!
I love linen, too!

Mama got a deal on this beautiful white linen with turquoise damask print, so we've been busy stocking up the etsy shop.
These linen napkins are available in 2 sizes. I have these listed in
sets of 6. If you'd like a different quantity, just send a quick convo
and Mama will fix you right up!

Maybe you prefer a vivid turquoise, this set is made from
100% Cotton with a linen weave, in more of a medium weight.

This is the last set of 6 Glacier Blue Damask print napkins!

This lightweight cotton is more of a
"sleeping beauty" turquoise color.
Lightweight 100% cotton.

I love this sweet bandana print in a pale turquoise.

Now I'm not a turquoise snob...
No, no, no ... ( in my best Amy Winehouse voice).
Mama listed lots of other pretties today, too!
Check it out - set yourself a pretty table...
A little side note here~~
Crank up those speakers, ladies!
I thought I knew every Ray Charles song ever made...
don't you just love it??
Just try and sit there without dancing in your seat!!
Can I get a witness~!


  1. Hey girlfriend
    I LOVE them all. I was at your Etsy shop... I would LOVE to buy the hot pink towels with ruffles, and the pink toile ones. I also need some for Julie. I will have to think of what colour to get her. I would also buy the pink toile pillow, but the dogs would chew those pretty tassels lol
    Could you please put them aside for me. I can pay for them now. I will keep looking.
    Email me darlin!!!
    Love You
    Love Claudie
    Oh and Ray Charles ROCKS!!!

  2. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  3. Teresa,

    This is my first visit to your beautiful blog but it won't be my last! I will be enlisting your services soon for a cushion and pillows for a long antique church pew!



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