Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cute as a Button

I've been a bad blogger.
It's been 2 whole weeks since my last post.
I just can't help it... grey skies get me down.
But it's time to get out of this funk.
I need glitter,
I need sunshine,
and Red Red Wine.
Lots of that.
I have been busy, though.
My latest project?
Why, these cute little wrought iron stools.

You can see... I am not a photographer. But you get the idea.
While these are frenchy cute... who wants to rest their tushy
on flat metal bars? Not me.
Super Seamstress to the rescue!
I added wood bottoms and 4" foam, secured that to
the stools...
slipcover pattern...

Can't you just see this in a black and cream toile???
Oooo la lah!

(never mind that bare sheetrock in the background)

But these aren't for me, these belong to a client,
and black toile isn't her thing.

Still country french inspired, though.
I think she'll like it.
More to come.
You like?


  1. I LOVE!!


    Lou Cinda :)

  2. Such a seamstress! I think I've told you before, I don't sew, I "staple"! I'm a sunshine fan too, and out here we have pretty much sunny skies everyday with a few exceptions. Take care.

  3. Love, love it!! It's amazing how that red, red wine can get the creative juices flowing,lol.

  4. Wow -- so beautiful! You have such a talent!


  5. So glad your back, missed your posts.

    I live your cute little stool very much. Super Seamstress saves the day again!


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