Friday, October 30, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

Any excuse to break out the beads!

Working on that beaded lampshade has got me in
a beadin' kinda mood. When I've finished my sewing for
the day, and I'm ready to wind down...
I can't just sit there and do nothing. I have to have
something in my hands.
Guess it's that work-aholic thing...
here's what I've been working on.

Pretty cute, right!
I'm making a set of these ornaments for someone in my family.
(It's a secret...shhhh).
I don't know about you...
but I get so excited this time of year, when all of the stores bring out
their Christmas decorations. Every year I have a craft party for the
girls in my family. We get together and paint and glue and glitter 'till
the wee hours of the morning.
Or until we've had too much wine...
which ever comes first.
If you'd like to try your hand at beading a bow like mine,


  1. When is the party? I love a good (even bad) glass of wine!! Very cute ornament!

  2. It's beautiful.

    I love the craft party idea, even better with wine! Sounds like so much fun!

  3. LOVE the ornament, pretty cool. I too suffer from that work-aholic thing. I absolutely can never sit still and do nothing. It's just the way I'm wired. Have a "prouctive" day as I know you and both will! Take care.

  4. Very pretty! I loved your earlier post BTW I am going to look at my Google analytics...

  5. Tell me your having this partay in March... yes oh I thought
    Looks great Teresa. Would love to be there to drink... oh sorry to make those pretties.
    Love you and your babes.
    Have a long day volunteering tomorrow for the cat rescue network, love it...
    Love Claudie

  6. If I lived close by, I would invite myself to your craft party.


  7. Ok You have broken out the beads... now break out the wine and get blogging girlfriend.
    Love You
    Love Claudie


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