Saturday, November 21, 2009

Did I do that?

This week, while delivering those cute little stools,
I was thinking... Now I can get photos of the window
treatments that I made about 2 years ago for this client.

You wouldn't believe how many of my creations that I
didn't get photos of. And I am kicking myself for.
You see, I didn't have my digital camera then,
so ... no photos. I don't think I could live without a digital
camera now.

As I peeked into the dining room, I had to do a double take.
At first glance I thought, she must have gotten new ones.
Then I realized...
Hey! That is the window treatments I made.
Those look good! (Patting myself on the back now).
On to the living room...

That was one heavy scarf valance.
2 layers of heavy upholstery weight fabric,
and fabulous!

With rosettes on each bracket,
and an 'ascot' in the center.

Sometimes I just have to remind myself...

"I am good!"

Yes I am.

And finally, those cute little country frenchy stools, in their new home.
Don't you just love that brick floor?
I heart that floor. I do.


  1. You ARE good girl, and it's nice to hear you say that. Thanks for sharing your awesome work, truly amazing! Take care.

  2. What a talent you have! Why don't you and your sewing machine come spend a few weeks in my house? :)


  3. I'm in love with the stools - they are sooo cute! Just gorgeous!

  4. Well...I was truly admiring the little stool when I thought you had only made one, but now that I see what, Four? You are good, girl.
    Keep that camera busy now.

  5. You are,indeed,talented! The stools are darling but yes, the black & white toile would work for me.

  6. The stools look great in their new home. Great work. I am in love with the living room window treatment. It's so regal and elegant. Fantastic!

  7. Those valances are gorgeous! You are so talented! I wish you had more pictures! I would love to see more!!!

  8. Your more than good, you rock big time. I LOVE THE STOOLS... AH!!!!!
    Glad to see your back. I have missed you. Now I'm on a break.
    Sending you much love oh busy one.
    Love Claudie

  9. Oh my yes - you are good!! Beautiful!!!


  10. Love your curtains, I sew as well. What pattern did you use for the curtains on top? Love those


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