Thursday, October 22, 2009


Got Google Analytics?
You should check out how people find you.
Some are funny... some are just disturbing.
Here's a sample of keywords and phrases that some people use,
and end up on my blog.
1.) drunk fairy
2.) the "baby maker" quilt - that must be some quilt
3.) one eyed drunk - not lately.
4.) babe-a-licious - thank you!
5.) cmt & white trash - if you say so.
6.) did Robert go to rehab?
7.) fanny amazing foto
8.) hot family and granny - mmm'kay.
9.) hot granny foto - sicko
10.) hot grannies in wheelchairs - okay, seriously?
11.) hot rod wheelchair
12.) no pee'in off the porch
13.) not pretty and nude - I'm not gonna touch that one.
14.) one eyed cat wine
15.) drunk one eyed friends
16.) red neck games mud
17.) sentfromheaven escort - How the heck did this one come to my blog?
Okay, now it's your turn.
What brings people to your blog?
I really want to know...
check it out and drop me a line.


  1. Teresa, I'd think 'exquisite fabric projects' would be the main search phrase that would link people to you. Your beaded lampshade is exqisitely exquisite!

  2. Hi Teresa,
    I've had some weird ones but none quite as strange as some of yours! Usually they have at least something about aprons in the cue. This morning there was, "Find Me a Coors Light Apron," and "Fantasy Aprons."
    You've given me a nudge to start keeping track of them!
    Also...the lampshade turned out beautifully.

  3. how do you find out????anniepoo

  4. Oh SO FUNNY! I have to go check mine out, but I'll let you know what I find out.

  5. I have always thought all those things about you! Ha! Those search words are too funny!


  6. I nominated you for an award!
    Check it out at:

  7. I'm an Apple girl. Not a google girl. I wouldn't know an analytic if it hit me in the head lol.


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