Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Today we drove to the other side of town to meet with a client, somehow I missed this massive sunflower field on the way over. But it was staring right at me as we made our way home.

We just couldn't resist getting out there in the middle of them. This little honey is just like her Mommy.

The only thing that could have made it better was catching butterflies.

And she tried.

I love every stage of the sunflower.

Mother Nature is truly the best artist.


  1. Beautiful, I like the sunflowers in red the best! (What happened to my first comment?)

  2. Oh how beautiful. I couldn't have resisted pulling over and taking a few pictures too. Very nice pics.

  3. Great photos Teresa! Your little baby in a field of sunflowers, life doesn't get much better!

  4. Love the sunflower pictures! I would have pulled over also.

  5. You just reminded me of the huge sunflower field just down the road from us. I would drive by, and their sweet faces would be turning with the sun... I believe they are all gone... where? I have no idea. I said I was going to plant some this year. They would have drowned anyway I'm sure.
    Hi to my little princess for me. Come see what happened to us yesterday!! Unreal and never a dull moment. I posted early for Blue Monday. I couldn't wait.
    Love you
    P.S. I'm glad you didn't get a tattoo. Now that is red neck girlfriend...oh I mean artsy, sorry. lol


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