Monday, July 6, 2009

Green is my Favorite Color

Let's talk about luxury.
When we go out to dinner, to a nice restaurant, we love those cloth napkins. After a fabulous dinner, who wants to use a paper napkin to wipe their face or hands? No one.
Or table cloths... just using a tablecloth makes a meal seem nicer.
And if you happen to be going to a nice Japanese restaurant, oooh, I just love those steaming hot washcloths before a meal, for your hands. Now "that" is the kind of luxury that I love.
Okay, okay... most of you already know that I am a fabric-aholic. But you must admit that the above is true.
Now what if I tell you that everyday luxury can be better for the environment, and save you money at the same time?
It's true!
Using cloth napkins will save you money over paper napkins. According to National Geographic Green Guide, families can save about $100 per year by switching to cloth napkins.
Not to mention... that's one less bag that you have to bring in from the grocery store each trip. I'm all about that. And think about how much quicker your garbage can fills up. That's more trips to the landfill. I'm all about avoiding that.
If you want to get down to the nitty gritty of eco waste, think about the trees that are cut down for something that is used one time, just to be thrown away after one use, the chemicals that are released into the environment to bleach said paper, not to mention the (non-biodegradeable) plastic packaging, and gas to ship paper napkins.
I haven't bought paper towels or napkins in years. Cloth napkins will last you for years and they are softer, gentler, and much more absorbent than basic paper napkins. Switch to fabric and your family will thank you.

With these things in mind, I've added many eco friendly items to
my etsy shop. Here's a little peek.

Set of 6 cloth napkins for $12.
(Most of the other sellers on Etsy are selling theirs for $3 each.)
I am in love with this red print on 100% cotton. This fabric has such a soft hand. Same price as above, will arrive tied up with a pretty red ribbon.
I've also made these wonderful hand towels to co-ordinate with the red napkins.
These are perfect for everyday use in the kitchen.

These are trimmed with black seam binding and vintage (tea-stained) crochet trim.

Filled with my fresh lavender harvest, and finished with sweet hand embroidery, all by yours truly. ;)

I have several pink toile hand towels available,

as well as these 2 pillows, trimmed with pink linen.

Stay tuned... I have a huge fabric stash to work through.


  1. ooooohhhh I love your creations!!!! I am loving your music "I'm feelin' alright" LOL!!!! I have tons of cloth napkins that I use when people come over

  2. You are amazing!!! ...Wish i could sew...

  3. I love all those napkins. That is an interesting idea of going to all cloth napkins. :)

  4. Teresa, I love your creations. You have wonderful ideas and lovely fabrics and colors.
    Maybe you have that toile fabric in blue too?!?
    I know the German weather is not very hot for you but for us here in the north it is very hot.
    The next days we had near the 90°f but now it is our usual cool and a little rainy weather with 60 - 68°F. That is the northern German summer...
    Have a great day!

  5. What adoreable ideas. All your projects turned out so pretty. Makes me want to get into my workshop and sew.


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