Friday, June 5, 2009

Heirloom Quilts

My sewing project for this week, is this "Memory Quilt".
She was a beloved Mother and Grandmother.
This quilt is made from her clothing.

My client's mother passed away last year. She asked me to make a quilt using some of her Mother's favorite shirts.

This is my 6th memory quilt. I think.

I love projects like this one. When I am sewing, I would rather make quilts than anything else. Call me sentimental, but I do hold on to things. It's hard to just throw away grandmother's favorite dress, or grand-dad's favorite shirt. This is the best way to hold on to those memories.

Have you ever lost someone, and you just wish you had them there,
to wrap their arms around you, and keep you safe and warm?

When I make these memory quilts, I hope that is what I am giving to my clients. Memories that you can wrap around yourself. And cherish forever.
The best kind of treasure.
The best kind of heirloom.

Now I'm off to do the quilting. I'll show you when I'm done.
Have a beautiful weekend.


  1. that is so wonderful. What a great thing to have. You are so talented

  2. That is heart touching. I have a quilt that my mother made me out of my grandmother's Sunday Hankies. Love it. When my Dad died, Mother made me a wall hanging out of his Sunday Shirts. Cherished items and this quilt will also be a cherished treasure. It is beautiful.

  3. What a wonderful idea I can only imagine how much love comes from a gift like this.

    I need to spend some quality time checking out all of your blog I'm loving the little bit I have seen so far.
    have a wonderful weekend
    hugs, Cherry

  4. WOWZER! Teresa, you are so talented! I am envious! This quilt is wonderful and the fact that it is made from the clothing of a loved one makes it even more special! I am so glad you are my blogging buddy!


  5. What a great idea! I kept alot of my dads favorite tshirts I am going to make some pillows out of them.

  6. Ok I have never heard of this Teresa. What a fantastic idea. If I had remnants of my daddy's clothing I don't think I could "unwrap" myself from the memories.


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