Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Get My Dirt On

Thank you to Mrs.GreenThumbJean for

My pink asiatics are still blooming.

I can finally show you my Hypericum blooms.
(St. Johns Wort)

This one was a surprise. It was packaged as a pink calla.

First it was white.

A few days later it began to take on a baby pink hue.

Old fashioned black eyed Susans.
Nothing seems to brighten up my flower beds
better than bright yellow flowers.

Like this Calla.

Mona Lisa asiatic was my Mother's Day gift last year.
She is big and bold.

Pretty Pink Glads.

Red Wing Glads.

Now you can show us yours.


  1. Very nice, love the Callas.

  2. Your blooms are lovely. The pink calla and glad are my favorites! Such beautiful shades of pink.

  3. What beautiful flowers. Love the calla and is it a hudragea in that one photo? beatuiful garden! Paula from Idaho

  4. I can see now I am going to come flower raid your yard. Guess God knows what he's doing by separating us between states. We would spend all our time and money flower shopping together.


    Tell Granny we send our love too.

  5. I love black eyed Susan's, not sure why I don't have any this year!! Your garden, as usual is awesome. I'm writing this as my new little Morgan is sleeping on a cushion next to me. The innocence of newborns, amazing.
    Take care, Sue

  6. Your blooms are all looking so nice. I love the Glads. I should really try them sometime. Thanks for sharing. I always love Tuesdays and your posts. Maybe sometime I'll get me act together so I can join in. In the meantime I'll just enjoy yours.

  7. Oh I love the calla. I have one too but they only grow well if the weather is really good. Last summer we had bad weather and it don´t want to grow well.
    Here we have rain and cold again. In the morning 51°F . In 15 days we have summer holiday beginning too.We hope for better weather.

  8. Wonderful photos! I especially like the calas. I've never done glads but the red with the white edge is amazing! Jean

  9. The calla lilies are beautiful. I've never raised those. The Mona Lisa lily is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your lovely garden. ~~Rhonda

  10. Your calla lilies are so pretty. I have never tried to grow these. Our niece wants some for her wedding I thought it would be cheaper to grow them. We will see.

  11. Well I love them all. I see that besides your sewing, you truly love to garden. I just got back from buying some vines and more flowers. I wanted to call you, but I can't find your number. Send it by email ok? I felt like talking today...while you were sewing we could have chatted.
    We have other things in common...Michael Buble (he's from Van. where we used to live) and we saw him in concert here in Ottawa in a very intimate setting, front row. Brittany got to hold his hand. , Etta James, Maya Angelou, ( I also have her cook book) all Robert Fulghum's books, and of course flowers.
    Love You and your music.

  12. beautiful!

    come on over and visit... I'm celebrating my blog anniversary with a giveaway!

    love ya,

  13. I just found your blog and enjoyed the little tour of your plants. Great pics.

  14. What beautiful photographs. I currently have a yellow azora that has one tiny bloom of red. How does that happen?

    Enjoyed visiting,



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