Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bloomin Tuesday!

It's official.
I love Tuesday!
So here's what's bloomin', down south,

A different view.

This plant just never stops blooming.
And being a seamstress, well, ya just gotta have pincushion flowers.

I just love shasta daisy with russian sage.

This one is really showing off right now.

I'm not sure of the exact cultivar, but this little beauty
always blooms just a few inches above the ground. If any of
you have more info on this one, I'd love to have it.

My lavender is just beginning to bloom.


Do you ever plant something, and then forget where you planted it?
I do.
Just found my pink hydrangea.

Not a bloom, but I absolutely love elephant ears.


Thanks to MrsGreenthumbJean for hosting
Bloomin Tuesday. Now lets see if Mr. Linky has
worked out his kinks.


  1. All beautiful! Can't decide which I like the best. I do love those huge trees that I can see in the background. What a setting!

  2. What I would give to grow lavender!!! That is my favorite smell. You have so many beauties on your garden right now. Where do you find time to garden and sew?

  3. I'm glad you love Tuesday! Your blooms are all amazing but I think my favorite is the white foxglove. Absolutly perfect. Great Bloomin' Tuesday post! Jean

  4. All beautiful flowers! I´ll come to walk with you through your garden.
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Your blooms today are beautiful! You are a bit ahead of us with the Shasta Daisies and Blackeyed Susans. Such happy summer flowers. :)

  6. Your flowers are just beautiful. The color of them all is so eye catching. I missed Bloomin Tuesday! I was bummed but between computer issues than having to work because someone called in sick and no one else would go in, let's just say it was quite the day. Especially when my two year old Riley went to work with us! I love the music on your blog, Sue

  7. Hey grrly grrrly grrl.,,,,,,

    I seen where you tagged me but, what do I exactly do ?

  8. Love all your pinks and blues. So pretty! The hydrangeas are lovely! ~~Rhonda

  9. What a great display of color!

  10. Hard to get into the sewing room when there is so much beauty in the garden! Summer is only here for a short while...enjoy your lovely garden...it is very inspiring. I've just moved into a new home and have yet to build a garden...but I will keep an eye on your blog to get some ideas!


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