Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Miss Me?

Yes, I've been absent.

I am as sick as a dog.
I have never had a cough like this. It just wont go away. My ribs are aching, my head is hurting. If I eat, I cough... If I drink, I cough. So now I'm dehydrated, too.
I just can't stand lying in bed,
getting nothing accomplished.
So I'm forcing myself to get up and get some work done.
Maybe listening to some good music will help me along.
I've been missing you.
I'll be back to visiting all of you real soon.


  1. hey sweetie, sorry you are so sick! I've heard that Musinex works great... it's worth a try!
    get better soon!
    :) Missy

  2. Bourbon usually works for me! Well, maybe it has no medicinal value, but I like it!


  3. Actually, two or three cold Corona's work for me! I believe Malisa and I go to the same doctor!! Hope you feel better soon, I've missed you and I know how aggravating it is to not be able to do anything. Take care okay?


  4. I hope you feel better soon! I have been home sick for 2 weeks with tummy problems! :(

  5. Oh no......hope you get to feeling better! Sucks to be sick! I had a migraine yesterday and had to go get a shot! SUCKS

  6. You are so sick you can't make jokes! Naannanan!! Your first to be added to my NEW bloglist..


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