Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bloomin Tuesday

Yes, I'm showin' off my sexy bloomers again !

I've been waiting patiently for my stargazers to open,
and they made their grand entrance today!

This one was a surprise. I just love surprises like these.
It came up with my other stargazers.

This next asiatic, never quite looks like it's fully open.
It has so many petals, but it never opens more than what you see here. I still love it. These are about 3 years old, and this year they are over 4 feet tall!

For those of you experiencing the same kind of heat, I highly recommend asiatics. They are just so gorgeous, so fragrant, and totally unfased by the heat.

Now for the sad reality of gardening down south...
remember my gorgeous blue hydrangea?

Well this is what it looks like today.

And this hydrangea is almost completely in shade.
It sees very little sun.
I'm tellin' you... it is H. O. T. - hot in Georgia.
The heat index has been up to 104 degrees for the last week. My grass looks like it's been crispy fried. I'm really just trying to save my plants now.

My daylilys are still hanging tough.
They can really take the heat.

And thank you to Mrs. Rhonda for telling me the proper name of this last one... Kwanso.

Thanks as always to Mrs.Jean for hosting Bloomin Tuesdays!
I truly hope it's cooler where you are today!


  1. I've got a thing for lillies, and even a bigger apprecaition of your gardens because of the heat!! Out here, they call it a "heat wave" in the temps get into the 90's!
    Take care, Sue

  2. I don't know why I have never planted any asian lilies. I wil lnext year! I can sympathize with that hydrangea! Everything in my yard looks like that. We haven't had rain in almost 40 days!

  3. You have beautiful blooms. I had to water my hydrangeas twice a day when we had three weeks without rain and 7 days straight over 100 degrees.

  4. The asiatics are so pretty. Thanks for the ideas, I've been looking for some more lilies. My hydrangea is having heat problems in the shade also. So sad. I hope it does better next year.

  5. I love all your lilies. The Kwanso is striking! So sorry to see what happened to your hydrangea. Will it come back? Great Bloomin' Tuesday post! Jean

  6. Gorgeous blooms. We have had some unbelievable heat and rain too, This week is finally ok.

  7. Yikes -- that is hot! Your lilies are absolutely unfazed and beautiful!

  8. Your flowers are so pretty. I love your "surprise" flower the color is so pretty.

  9. Your asiatics are beautiful. I want to add more of those to our garden. We had a surprise lily this week, too! It's beautiful, but I cannot remember planting it!

    Poor hydrangea. But it will bounce back. Do you water them when they heat wilt?

    ~~Rhonda :)

  10. After looking at your hydrangea, I realized that you are really trying to copy my garden! You sneaky thing! Beautiful lillies!


  11. Your flowers are amazing! I haven't had time to work on my gardens this year and last year I sprained my ankle just as I started to work on them, so I was THRILLED when I walked out the back door over the weekend and smelled that wonderful sweet smell of my stargazers that had come up, despite my neglect. Then I noticed my yellow lilys and my glads coming in to bloom as well. I brought some of my stargazers in to my office to enjoy all day long. Next year I hope to be able to put my full attention on developing the beds around my house. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms!


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