Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday!

It's my favorite day of the week again!
Thanks to Mrs. Jean for hosting Bloomin' Tuesdays. Pop on over to see more gardening goodness.

So this is what I have blooming here in Georgia.

More gladiolas.

Still more...

(not the best photo... sorry)

This part of my garden is 4 years old, and it's filling in so nicely. You can see the yellow and purple glads in the background. This year, they are 6 feet tall!

This asiatic is called Muscadet.


Brown Eyed Susan.

My single, lonely Hollyhock.
Gotta make sure to have more of these next year.

No garden should be without Gardenia.

I'm off to mow the grass, in triple digit weather.
Happy Tuesday, Y'all!


  1. How come your Glads aren't staked? Mine fall over that's why I am so tired of them. I have my first two Hollyhocks, hopefully they will bloom next year. Your gardens look great. The Jacobina I leave in the ground year round. The Aloe is in a container and will be moved to the front porch come winter. I have four in the ground to see how they do through the winter, our neighbors are in the ground and have been for years!!

  2. Yeah, I know. I have had glads for years. Do you ever have a plant you just get tired of though?

  3. I LOVE hollyhocks!!! The pink glad is gorgeous! Glad you are feeling normal again!

  4. Teresa, the garden is beautiful. Your pretty hollyhock should self seed, but save some seeds just to be sure. It's always interesting to see what you get next year. Your lovely daylily is 'Kwanso.' Thanks for sharing! ~~Rhonda

  5. Showing your bloomers off again, are you? :)



  6. Hi!
    Gorgeous Blooms!! I really like that white lily, it's beautiful!! Have a great day!


  7. Beautiful blooms! The asiatic and the daylily are both lovely.I've never done glads because I don't want to dig them up in the fall. Your's make it tempting tho! Jean

  8. Hey Teresa, love the all the bloomin' flowers, I love white flowers, all of 'em, they look so pure and clean! Did I hear you say "triple digit heat"?? Yikes, we have had a really mild summer this year. Almost too chilly for the beach, low 70's. Can't complain.

    Take care, Sue

  9. All your photos are beautiful, but I do love the gladiolas the best. We don't see them much here.

  10. Once again thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers! I love the fact that gardens seem to get better with age. Your glads are looking amazing and the hollyhock is wonderful. I love the pale color, you might have started a new obesssion for me.

  11. Hi dear friend.
    I'm taking a break but had to come and see what was blooming at your end. My hollyhocks are just starting. I wish I could give you some, I'm getting them all pulled out soon and starting my front all over again. AHHHHH. My back gardens are in good shape, but the front is WILD. I will take pictures for you and send them in an email. Maybe you could help. lol
    Love to you and your awesome kids.
    Love Claudie

  12. Your flowers are so pretty. I love the color of your holyhock.


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