Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Surprises

For Mother's Day,
what could be better than armloads of roses?

I swear, gardening isn't the only thing I do.
But I couldn't resist sharing these with you all today.

I bought this Iris last year, it was labeled "Pink Haze".
It was a nice surprise to find it blooming today.
A few weeks ago, I went back to my favorite nursery and bought
another "Pink Haze" Iris.
And today, it was blooming, too!
Only ... it wasn't "Pink Haze"...
It was Louisiana Iris "Black Gamecock",
and I have been looking for this everywhere!
But it was nowhere to be found locally.

Now that is the kind of surprise that I like!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. Beautiful. What a wonderful surprise! Amazing color in that iris, both really. Now that first rose bush, is that Rustler Skyrocket? It looks a lot like one I have. So beautiful. I know you are really enjoying all those lovely flowers.

  2. Yep! Great blooms and I did have a wonderful Mother's Day..

  3. Beautiful Roses. I have never tried roses but you are putting a dent in my no rose policy. Do you think if I had ok sucess with most plants I could handle roses?

  4. What a great surprise! Both Iris are great colors. I only have bearded, maybe I 'need' some more kinds!

  5. Hi Teresa,
    I can see everything is flowering well in your garden. There are lots off flowers which are growing here too but yours are flowering much earlier.
    Love your roses. I have roses like that too. I´ll take pictures when they are in full flower.
    Hope you and the kids are doing well. Sorry I was too busy the last days.
    Hope I can finally send you a picture mail of Klaus tomorrow.


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