Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday

Here's what's blooming in Georgia today!
These peachy daylilys are so pretty.
I just moved them near my "new" old brick walkway.

The peach Daylily is "Joylene Nicole" and is a dwarf variety.
I have them planted in front of this taller variety.
I'm not sure the name of this one, it was a pass along
plant from a friend. It is a dark antique pink color with a
peach color throat, and is very fragrant.

Gerbers and coleus, to echo the pink and peach daylilys.

I swear this hydrangea was pink last year.
I just love these, no matter the color.

For some reason, my foxgloves are very short this year.
Can anyone tell me what may cause this?
The blooms are so pretty in front of my "French Lace" weigela.

Do you ever see those little packs of bulbs at places like Walmart,
and wonder if they will really do anything in your garden?

Question answered.
I wasn't so sure of the quality of the bulbs when I bought these
pink calla lilys. But I couldn't resist, and bought 6 packs of these.
You can see for yourself...
They are Gorgeous!

Okay, these are not blooms, but you can't deny how
pretty this foliage is.
Caladium, oxalis, and hosta.

Variegated St. Johns Wort, or Hypericum.
I just adore the foliage, but it does flower too.
Nice little yellow blooms.
And it comes back reliably year after year.

I still have a few roses blooming. I don't know the proper name.
I rooted these roses, which are quite common here in Georgia.
The bushes get quite large as a climber, but usually,
when you see this rose, it is just a waterfall of blooms.

This is a rose that I rooted as well. It is miniature in flower only.
This rose is sooo vigorous, and can easily reach 10 - 11 feet in height.

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Or maybe you'd like to show us yours?


  1. Just beautiful. The calla lillies that I picture from time to time were purchased at the dollar store!

  2. The peach daylily and the foxglove are my favorites this week. So much to see and admire!

  3. I love that peachy lily! You have a beautiful garden!

  4. I can't possibly pick a favorite this week! Everything looks wonderful. Foxgloves usually bloom every other year. Maybe this is the other year and they just bloomed a little! Jean

  5. Lots of reds and pinks in your garden right now. Very pretty! I love the color of the Variegated St. Johns Wort. Beautiful! ~~Rhonda

  6. Beautiful!

    Sorry I can't help with the foxgove, I can never even get mine to boom.

    And as always your roses are looking wonderful.

  7. I love the roses!! They are gorgeous...everything is! I so envy your green thumb!!

    Thanks for your supportive comment on my blog! I need 'em! And as for turning 16..be afraid...be very afraid!!

    Stress seatbelts, no cell phone while driving, and PAY ATTENTION! Obviously, we fell a little short on that last one!

    Have a good week!

    Lou Cinda :)

  8. The peach daylilly is beautiful! Usually I like the more brilliant colors, but this one is special. Also, the oxalis is a neat looking plant. Another new one for me!

  9. I would show you mine, but I don't have a wide angle lens! OH! You wanted to see my flowers! Sorry about that. Do you take plastic? Well, maybe that's not the right answer either. So let's just talk about your flowers! Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! What is your house address? I'm coming to pick 'em! I guess I wasn't suppose to say that either!


  10. Teresa...could the pink rose be a Cecil Brunner? Those are the roses that cover the cottages on Nantucket. There are always beautiful post cards featuring them.


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