Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday Baby!

Thank you Ms. GreenThumbJean for hosting
Bloomin' Tuesday.
So here's what's bloomin in Georgia, yall.
Hens N Chicks.
Gorgeous 365 days per year.

On the left, another hens n chick kinda plant. If you know the proper name, I'd love to know it.
On the right, Ice plant, or Delosperma. Love it!

My wild rose.
And right behind it,
pretty yellow iris.

Baptisia, or wild indigo.

Gerber Daisies.
This rose is in almost full shade...
I'm amazed that it's this vigorous in the shade.
A closer look.

Remember my free plants from 2 weeks ago?
The Iris is still blooming, and now,
the indian pinks are too.

Russian Sage.
I just planted this Japanese Dappled Willow, last year, so it's still kinda small. But I love it.
The foliage is variegated and spotted white. Toward the tips, the nearly white leaves take on a pale pink hue.
My latest acquisition : Silver Swan Euphorbia !

Autumn Joy Sedum, Ajuga, & St. Johns Wort.

This is what I did with my weekend.
I love old bricks for a walkway.
You like?

It isn't finished, but I like it so far.
I also changed my mailbox planter.
White caladiums, oxalis, hostas, and burgundy petunias.

What's blooming in your garden?


  1. Girl, you've got that green thumb, don't you? If I had to take pictures of flowers in my yard, I would be taking pictures of weeds! :)


  2. I love old bricks as well, looks awesome. Actually all your yard looks good. Out here in CA, our lots are like the size of a postage stamp. I have a pool in my backyard, so my front yard is the only gardening area I have. But its doing really well this year. That is what I love about Spring!

  3. Your wild rose is amazing, what a wonderful color.

    I love brick paths also and yours is looking good. You lucky girl.

  4. You have so many gorgeous flowers with the best colors! Love the wild rose, as well as the larger one loaded with blooms.
    You are right about the succulent being a Hens and Chicks kind of plant. It's some species of Echeveria. I can't grow them here as they can't take the heat, so I've never learned the various Echeveria species.

  5. Love all the flowers!! Very pretty! Happy Bloomin Tuesday!

  6. Love the old brick walkway! I'd love to do my front walk in brick. The willow and euphorbia are both very interesting plants. The red climbing rose is stunning. I really favore that type of rose. Great post! Jean

  7. hey sweetie!
    I really like the brick walkway and your flowers are soooo pretty!
    I miss you!
    love ya,

  8. They are all gorgeous! I have one of those hen kind of plants just like yours but no idea of the name- it came from a neighbor.

  9. Your gardens are really waking up, looks beautiful and yes I LOVE the walkway you are working on!

  10. That walkway is really coming along nicely. Great job! I love the Baptisia, a white one was added to my garden this spring. No blooms yet,may have to wait until next year. That new Euphorbia is striking, I love variegated foliage. :)

  11. Hey Teresa. How are you? It's been awhile. Still just hanging in there lately.
    Your flowers look amazing like always. I will check out Bella girls site and see if I can buy a raffle ticket.
    Your drapery work is amazing. Oh how I miss you and your Princess. I might come back to the blogging world when I feel better.
    Love you


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