Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vintage Thingy Thursday

This is my very favorite thing to collect.

Swung vases,
some by Fenton, some by Imperial Glass Co,
all are vintage.
This vase is called 'Lined Lattice' by Fenton,
and is the most rare vase in my little collection.

But I just love them all.

I love the shape, I love the colors.

Each one is truly a work of art.

Even with the simplest designs, these vases are beautiful.

Like vintage thingys?

Pop on over to Coloradolady and see other vintage lovelies.


  1. Lined Lattice has to be my favorite. What a beauty!!

  2. Well I'll be on the look out for some. We had a great visit with granny on Friday night. We love her sooo much.

  3. hmmmmm....yes I think that this might have been my favorite post today. shhhhhh.... :)

    Love the shape, looks like we have the same taste!


  4. These vases are great; my favorite is the blue one.
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  5. Stunning! I absolutely love them. Do they come in clear? I have one shaped like your blueish one but mine is clear. Lovely things.

  6. Beautiful vases. Each and every one.

  7. Yes, I like vintage thingys...I married one! :)
    Nice collection! Hope you and that precious daughter have a marvelous Easter!


    No bunny stew!

  8. Great vintage stuff!! This is my first VTT and its been great fun looking at all your blogs. Love your vases I have one that was my mothers thanks for the info.
    Have a great Easter and blessings to all

  9. Love those vases--much prettier than what you get at the florist!

  10. lovely vases.. especially the blue & white ones.. would be nice if you have flowers in it..

    thanks for sharing & happy Easter

  11. They are so pretty! I like the blue one the best. So colorful.

  12. You've got some nice Fenton pieces! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Easter! Take care, Sue

  13. What beautiful vases. Did you link in this week with Mr. Linky? I guess I almost missed your your vases, The Fenton ones are really nice! Have a great Easter weekend.

  14. Welcome to VTT Teresa. Ok, Joe Cocker, that alone brings back memories but so do your lovely collection of vases. My mum had several and a couple of them were over 24 inches tall. She would have loved seeing these...very retro. Nice to get to know you :-)

  15. Wow. I've never seen a collection of vases. Yours are very pretty and I know what you mean about the feel, the colors, the way the light hits them..
    What a nice thing to collect!

  16. Lovely vases...wonderful collection. How do you have a favorite...each one if lovely!

  17. Wow, these are so very pretty, I love the second one the best.

  18. wow what a gorgeous collection...unusual shapes & colours :)

  19. Teresa
    I have yet to see such very very cool. I love all of them, but you know I LOVE blue. I will have to be on the lookout for those names...I'm so not into names or collectors. bad Claudie.
    Love Me


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