Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday

It's Bloomin' Tuesday at Ms. GreenThumb Jean's.
Well, there isn't a whole lot blooming here today,
but there is lots to look forward to.
Like these ferns, still unfurling.

Yay! My azalea is finally blooming!

A few white iris still blooming.

This ajuga is seriously under-appreciated.
This photo really doesn't do it justice, either.
It is my favorite ground cover, and as you can see,
when it blooms, it is like a purple carpet.

Okay, so maybe I'm cheating a little with this one.
I just bought this double knock out pink rose last week.

Most of my other roses aren't blooming yet.
But just look how beautiful this one is.
And unlike the red knock out, this one is fragrant.

My red knock outs are beginning to bloom as well.

And my tiny little dawn swan japanese maple is beginning to leaf out.
I just adore the pink stems and pink tint on the leave tips.

Another under-appreciated plant...
this euphorbia.
It's in full bloom now. I love the unusual blooms, but even more than the blooms, I love that it is evergreen. In the winter, it takes on a burgundy / pink-ish hue.

if anyone knows the name of this, please let me know.
I think it is a native azalea, but I'm not sure. It grows in the woods on my parents property. It is so pretty, and smells heavenly.

Cross your fingers for me, I'm going to try to root this one.
I really, really want it in my garden.


  1. Oh my goodness -- you have sooo much blooming in your garden. Love it all, but that Japanese Maple is my favorite today!

  2. It is a native azalea, we have them all in the back of our property, from what I understand they do not root easily and it's best to move one when it's dormant for transplanting....just the info I received when I asked what it was on my blog a couple of months ago. Piedmont Azalae, google that.

  3. The last one is lovely, good luck rooting it:)
    I think I'm going to have to try some euphorbia, I love all your blooms and new growth:)

  4. I don't know Jack! Surprised, aren't you? What I do know is that I LOVE those little purple flowers! I am writing that name down!


  5. Hey Teresa,
    I was just getting ready to post some of my flowers that are blooming on my blog too! I love this time of year. We have been having such beautiful weather, nice and warm. I've been working on a tan!! I guess because of the weather we put up with all the other BS that goes on in SoCal! Your flowers are beautiful. I always feel like an idiot standing in my front yard taking pictures of the flowers. Although my neighbors already know I march to a different drummer anyway.
    Take care, Sue

  6. Beautiful! Don't you just love it when the yard wakes up? I used to have some ajuga but the flood got it and I haven't replaced it. Seeing yours, I'm going to. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful spring color.

  7. You certainly have more blooming than I do! The Japanese maple does have lovely color. I have a lot of ajuga also 9 I don't think it is possible to just have a little!) and I do love when it blooms. Your gardens look super! Jean

  8. Your pink azalea is beautiful, as well as the white one, if in fact, it is an azalea. Whatever it is, it's wonderful. I've never heard of ajuga. At first, I thought it was hyacinth!


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