Friday, April 10, 2009

Foto Friday

It's Favorite Family Foto Friday @ Deborah's place.
It's been a while since I've participated, and I miss my girls.
I really love to submit vintage family photos, along with the history behind them.
But not today.
I snapped this photo yesterday, and I love these butterflies in my garden.
In the spring, all I want to do is garden.
So I'm sharing some gardening inspiration today.

And tiny little bees on my iceplant.

Edited to add: Oh yes, you can call this family foto..
These too, are my little babies. I feed and care for them. Give them lots of one on one attention, and encourage them to go forth, and to grow and to blossom!

Have a beautiful weekend, girlfriends!
And Happy Easter!


  1. Lovely pictures, and they are in our family of creation!

  2. Teresa, I love my flowers too. They too are my babies. You are forgiven for cheating sort of. BIG smile.


  3. Hi Teresa,
    Beautiful Babies!! I really like that pink one!! Have a great week end!


  4. Hi Teresa!
    Love the pictures! We were sooo excited when we seen the first butterfly in our yard this year!
    Happy Easter!

  5. Teresa! How could you do this to me? Do you not know about my FEAR of butterflies? Girl, we need to talk. Warn me next time!


  6. Did I read, "tiny little bees"??? Just keep your eyes open that pretty soon you don't have 100's of tiny little bees chasing down the Queen Bee! Oh, I didn't know Malisa was afaid of butterflies, did you? Let the fun begin!!

    Take care, Sue

  7. Oh Teresa your babies are precious. Nobody said they had to have human faces lol
    Afraid of butterflies!! I thought Malisa was a Renaissance girl lol
    Now I have something on her.
    Happy Weekend my friend.
    Love You

  8. I think you have beautiful babies and I'm glad you shared them with us! Happy Easter!

  9. Beautiful! Can't wait to garden myself

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog a few weeks ago. I am just catching up on all my comments. I see you agree with me that a girl can never have to many vases.

  11. I've never heard of iceplant but I love the bloom and the succulent-like leaves!


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