Monday, April 13, 2009

Go Shorty!

It's her birthday!

Friday was a big day.

My big girl turned 8. She partied with best friends.

All of the girls had tiara's. Even Mema.

Great Grandma just had a birthday too. She's 89 and still spunky.
Just not as spunky as Aunt Amy.

I hope that all of you had a lovely easter weekend.


  1. Happy Birthday to your very own princess!
    (I see she comes from quite a royal family:)

  2. What wonderful photos. Enjoy 'em while they are little, they grow so fast. I call Riley "Shorty" all the time, as well as the other little kids at the store.

  3. Hey girlfriend
    So nice to see pictures of "the big day". Your mom is beautiful and your grandma so precious. Is that your sister? So pretty. The whole dang family is beautiful.
    Love those ferns also.
    Got my hands dirty today.. . hooray
    Love Ya

  4. Awww! what a sweet fairy princess you have there! Happy birthday, little one! Love from Missy and Samantha :)


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