Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday

We've been battered by rain and wind for the last few days,
but I do have a few blooms to share.

These ferns grow wild on my parent's property.
So I can gather as many as I want, for my garden.
Don't hate me.

These too.

'French Lace' Wiegela.
It begins to bloom just as azalea's are beginning to fade.
I just love the foliage.
And the blooms are nice too.

In my garden, I like things to plant things closely together, so they can grow right into each other. I love how this 'Creeping Jenny' (Lysimachia) gets tangled up with this ajuga.

Stachys (lambs ears).
My daughter loves these, she says they feel like bunny rabbit ears.

I'm not sure of the cultivar, but I love this Japanese Maple.
The branches are a flaming bright red, and each leaf is outlined with red.
I've just planed this next to a burning bush. I'm really looking forward to seeing these plants when they are more mature.

I have several varieties of asiatic lilies.
This is a yellow variety, and it multiplies like crazy.
That's a good thing.
Even without the flowers, the emerging foliage is gorgeous.

Be sure to pop on over to Ms GreenThumbJeans to see some actual blooms,
and lovely gardens.


  1. Looks like the rain is doing well for your garden:)
    Love your ferns, I have a place at my mom's I'd love to have those, and that var wiegela might have go on my want list:).
    Love your maple tree!

  2. Every thing is so pretty. Hope the wind and rain let up for you. We actually have no wind today, quite unusual for OK.

  3. I love to plant my plants too close too, makes a better statement I think. Great blooms.....know what you mean about the rain.

  4. You have Ires in bloom already. How wonderful. I love your photo's
    Have a great week.

  5. Beautiful blooms and foliage. Yes, I am jealous about the ferns! LOL

  6. I love "green" as much as I love any color in a garden so your ferns just did me in! So beautiful!

  7. My iris are up about 6 inches. All your blooms are beautiful. I really like variegated Weigela is lovely. Love the ferns! Beautiful! Jean

  8. Love your garden photos. We've had awesome weather here, and actually I'm getting ready to put on my shorts and flip flops and do some container gardening. I want to plant some stuff this year in some old washtubs, etc.
    Take care, Sue

  9. All lovely--and all unfamiliar except Lamb's Ear, which I had in my garden for a couple of years. I also liked to rub the leaves, and always felt like a kid! It looked good for a couple of months in early spring, but horrible in summer.

  10. What pretty flowers. I must admit that at this time of year, I'm envious of you Southern gals who have flowers blooming in your gardens. Here in Minnesota, our flowers are just starting to bloom.

  11. What luck that you have access to all those free plants. FREE PLANTS are the best! Your garden sure looks pretty! I LOVE Creeping Jennie...the bright green is so pretty.


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