Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday

It's Bloomin' Tuesday at Ms. GreenThumb Jean's.

Remember the ugly tree from last week?

It's in full bloom now,
well, not the tree, of course, it's dead.
But the wisteria smells heavenly.

So many of my purple flowers are blooming now,
these purple bearded iris are beginning to bloom.

And I just love this bugleweed for the front of my border,
blooming with the pincushion flowers.
And varigated periwinkle.


You might think it's ugly,
but I love the way ferns unfurl.

I got a little anxious, waiting for my gerber daisy's to bloom...

and just had to go get some more,
anyway, you just can't have too many gerbers.
These burgundy petunia's were too cute to pass up.

Be sure to visit Ms. Jean to see more pretty blooms.


  1. Shades of blue & purple are my favorites! The Wisteria is glorious right now, a good way to disguise a dead tree. :)

  2. Beautiful! I just love it when the yard comes to life. Thanks for sharing such pretty flowers with us.

  3. I have some of the same plants.........good choices!

  4. Thanks for all the lovely flower pictures. The wisteria is AMAZING. Here in MN is is still cold and nothing is grwoing yet, what a treat to see a garden in bloom.

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. I now have you bookmarks and can't wait to get caught up with your posts. Robin

  5. Loving your purple/blue shades! And those iris, g daisies, and petunia? Wow!
    (my mom and daughter's wisteria is in bloom and with the recent windy weather, the yard is carpeted with purple petals:)
    Darling little girl you got there:)

  6. Wisteria is lovely even if it is invasive. Lovely! I love fernsat all times. Can't wait for mine to start. I'm a sucker for burguny so I would of needed that petunia. Great post! Jean

  7. Love your flowers and those burgandy petunias are amazing--like you I LOVE Gerbers! Thanks for sharing Paula in Idaho

  8. Wow, it is soooo lovely . All these beautiful flowers. Love the wisteria. I have a small one my terasse but it never flowers before. I hope for it this year. Here the plants are flowering later. We have those flowers in May/ June if the weather is warm enough.

  9. Oh, I love purples and blues in gardens. I can't help saying that the wisteria is beautiful!

  10. Great flower photos! Wisteria doesn't normally grow here, but I saw some at a garden tour last year. It was planted in the shade of a huge, old tree, and had an eastern exposure. Also, it was near an air conditioner water drain, and they said they had really added a lot of compost when planting, and continued adding it each year. It was a lot of work for the owners, but when in full bloom, it was all worth it, they commented.

  11. lovely flowers.. wish I could have Wisteria in my garden.. but too bad I don't have big space for it.. have a good day!

  12. Oh that Wisteria is gorgeous! Now I understand why everyone says the Mescal Bean tree blooms look like it!

  13. It's an awesome time of year for our gardens,isn't it. Great photos. You know, for some reason, maybe because I'm an airhead, I never noticed your side bar of music. I am EXACTLY the same with music!! I cannot live without out it anywhere! I burn the CD's for my store from itunes library. Sometimes I'll get a stupid customer who looks at me and goes, "oh, did the kids pick the music out today". God, I hope I never,ever get that old. And I LOVE "If You Like Pina Collada's". What was the movie with Christina Applegate and the other girl and they got out of the car on a road trip and were singing that song? Sorry for rambling, I'm just another music freak. When Riley wasn't even one I would sing and dance to Rehab with her and she loved the part when we would sing, "no, no, no". Take care, Sue


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