Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PARTY over THERE - - - - >

Jen @ Sanctuary Arts is having her make over party today.
You know we all love a good make over.
Head on over and join in or check out all the before and after photos.

Speaking of Party...
Here is my little party girl!

Princess Sweet Pea participated in Missy's Pixie Swap. She was partnered with a little sweetie in New York. These are just some of the goodies that she recieved from Sweet Little Mallory.

Mallory's Mom makes these adorable pins and they are available on Etsy. Alyssa loves this pin. She wears it everyday. If she doesn't pin it to a ponytail, it's on her jacket or bookbag.

And would you just look at this magical pixie wand?
It is adorable.

Sharing the pixie dust.

Thank you Mallory and Mom, Sherry.
Alyssa is a very happy girl.


  1. How cool, like a modern day pen pal:)

  2. Hi Alyssa, that is a beautiful magical pixie wand!!!We can see that you are very happy...oups and feel the pixie dust.

    Teresa, I missed your last post. You have a wonderful garden with so many interesting plants. I have these evergreen in my garden too but it doesn´t flower yet.
    How nice to have a turtle in the garden!

    love and hugs

  3. What a cutie she is. Glad she had a fun swap!

  4. Alyssa is adorable and quite the party girl. She also models very well. I love the pixie wand and the flower. Se sweet.


  5. Well I'm not a skunk and I think your Grandmother would like me LOL
    Hi Alyssa....soon honey your presies will come. I just know it.
    Love Claudie


My Grandmother always told me, "If you hang around with skunks, you're gonna get some stink on you."