Thursday, April 2, 2009


This one is for you, Stefanie.

You see, a few weeks ago, we had our Peaches to Beaches yard sale, and
I posted this photo of a sign that was next to me in a restaurant.
My sweet friend Stefanie, lives in Germany, and she doesn't know what a
"Redneck" is. So she didn't understand that photo.
So this post is especially for you, Stefanie.

I'd like to introduce you to...

The Redneck.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Redneck refers to a person who is stereotypically Caucasian (i.e. white) and is of lower socio-economic status in the United States and Canada. Originally limited to the Appalachians, and later the South, this term has become widely used throughout North America, and to a lesser extent, Australia.
In colonial times, rednecks and crackers were characterized as lacking in education and refinement.
Take, for instance, the Hatfields and the McCoys.

Fiercely independent, and sometimes belligerent, people characterized as rednecks occasionally engaged in blood feuds such as the infamous Hatfield-McCoy feud in West Virginia and Kentucky.

Now that is the stuff of redneck legend.

The disruptions of the Civil War (1861-65) and Reconstruction added to the burdens of a society in which planters had not invested in public infrastructure or education in the antebellum years.

Destitute white Americans were labeled "poor white trash", “cracker,” "clay eater," "linthead," "peckerwood," "buckra" and especially redneck.

Southern comedian Jeff Foxworthy defines "redneck" as

"a glorious lack of sophistication,"

stating "that we are all guilty of [it] at one time or another."

With that in mind, allow me to introduce you to
the redneck palm pilot...

the redneck powerball winner,

the redneck pet carrier,

the redneck doorbell,

the redneck bar-b-que,

the redneck doghouse,

the redneck mailbox,

the redneck bass boat,

and the redneck yacht.

Oh yeah, we're gettin' to the good part now.


This handsome fellow is known as "freight train"...
he is the official mascot of the redneck olympics.

The Redneck Olympics is held in Dublin, Ga.
About 20 miles from my home.

This is the official torch.

The games were started by general manager for a local radio station, Mac Davis in response to a comment made by the media; that when the 1996 Olympic Games went to Atlanta,
"it would be held by a group of rednecks."

Taking offense to this, Mac Davis and some locals set up the annual Redneck Games to reinforce the stereotype the media held.

Some events that are held during the Redneck Games include:

The cigarette flip,

Bobbing for pig's feet,

Watermelon Seed spitting,

Toilet seat toss,

Mud pit belly flop ,

Big-hair contest ,

Armpit serenade ,
(which may cause some to get into a very romantic mood, and lead to some hot and sexy slow dances)
Score that one Bruno!
but wait...
there's more!
Lawnmower races...

Bug zapping by spitball ,
and even Hubcap hurling !

For each of the events, a trophy is awarded; a half crushed, empty mounted beer can.

It's the Redneck Mardi Gras!

Tasty treats!

This event is held every July.
Now doesn't this look like fun?

Don't you just wish you could be like this girl?

Stick that beer under your arm pit,
grab your buck knife, stick it in your bikini,
and you are ready to...

If you were here, you might get to meet the winner of the
bobbing for pigsfeet contest!

What began as a spoof in 1996 has grown to be an international attraction that draws thousands of proud rednecks and their admirers.

Seriously... international.

This event has been in the news worldwide.

And these 2 brought the redneck olympics into the spotlight when they decided to get married at the annual festival. Read all about it here.

Check out the bouquet.
This glorious event was televised on CMT.
Country Music Television.
I imagine their wedding cake looked something like this...

Well Stefanie, now you know what a redneck is.
Anyone want to go this year?
If so, just let me know...
it could be fun.
Just don't forget your nose plugs.


  1. Well, hot damn, Teresa! That post was dang near as purty as two pigs in lust! I swear I saw a few East Texas people in there! Do they have the "Squeal Like a Pig Contest"? Stephanie, if they have that contest...STAY AWAY!!! Teresa, you are going to scare that poor girl plum away!

    Teresa, do you rent out rooms for this most highly celebrated event in Georgia? I'm telling could just throw a couple of old water beds outside the trailer and make yourself a haul on beer! Insist on Keystone...don't take any of that cheap crap!

    Some of those pictures made me as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs! I mean...what is happening to that skinny dude who looks like he just got baptized? Does he realize his drawers are falling off his white rump? Well, girl, when ya got the Holy Ghost in ya...ya just can't control yourself! Just imagine what happens when you are full of a 24 pack of Budweiser AND the Holy Ghost! They might need to dunk him again!

    I swear this was one righteous post! I laughed my fat white ass off! Remind me to come to your big old two state garage sale...remind me NOT to come to the Redneck celebrations! Stay away, Stephanie or you might end up marrying your own cousin!


  2. I use to LOVE those damn Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes, but they made me "hebby"! I think the "doorbell" is my favorite! When we were talking about music, if you use itunes, look up Michael Franti & the Spearheads. I kind of stumbled across him, but love his music. Thanks again for the awesome pictures. I think I need to move to the guys have way too much fun!!

  3. Teresa, I think I seend some of the boys I use to date in there. Reminds me of my wilder and woolier days.

    Thank the Lord I got over that.

    Been there done that.

  4. HahaHAHAHA....laughing and rolling on the floor....
    I can´t say anythin before I can stop laughing. oh dear, that is tooooo funny. The best post I ever read.
    Thank you Teresa. Now I know R E A L L Y what a Redneck is.... hehehehe.
    I showed it to Christian and he says that the bar-b-que is his favorite....I can´t decide...the door bell or the couple or the petcarrier...every picture is funny....

    Did I ever told you that Klaus favourite Band is " Rednex" They have the song Cotton Eye Joe and the Bandmembers looks like Redneck`s

    Thank you for "my" special Post ...tehehehe
    Hope I can find any German comparison

  5. Hey! we don't have ANYTHING like that here in Canada. Why is Canada on your list?? Maybe I have them lurking in my back yard!!! I better run for it...I really thought this was an April Fools joke Teresa..I can't even imagine people really doing all this stuff. I better step down from my pedestal!!!!! LOL
    Malisa you crack me up like a "Cracker Barrel" ( I love that place) does that make me a Red Neck?? I think not.
    Oh well, Teresa maybe I should come visit when this is on...NOT
    Love to you and my little sweetie pie.
    Love Claudie

  6. LMAO! Great pictures! Love the doorbell! Being born in Louisiana, raised in Tx and now living in Tennessee, I've been around my share of 'em. I think my son and his wife would fit right in there with all those folks. My daughter's husband's family too! LMAO over and over and over again!

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  8. Just for the record, ladies, I don't live in a trailer. However, all of my neighbors do.

    I think I like the "armpit serenade" best. Really gets me in the mood.

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