Friday, January 30, 2009

Before I Blow My Cover...

....let me pour myself a big 'ole glass of wine.
... You see this blog here, is where I pretend to be talented, organized,
and a "together" kind of woman. This is my happy place.
You are about to see a different side of me.
Last Friday after embarrassing my kids, I promised you that I would embarrass myself, today.
And I am a woman of my word.
Just let me ease into it, ok?
So here we go...
In the beginning,
I was quick to pout when I didn't get my way, just like my kids...

it was a common occurrence...

and sometimes,
just like my daughter, I got my way.

Fast forward a few years.
My best goofy Jan Brady look.

Really, I'd had my permanent teeth for a few years at this point.

You know you had a Farrah Fawcet feather Doo.
More silliness.

And then there were the...
"I'm cool, yeah" - years.
'Cause if you wore a T-shirt with weed on it you were cool.
I was Baaad !

Then I was a poodle...
This is when I switched from Black Sabbath to Hank Williams Jr.

Do your graduation photos look like this?
I think not.

Pass that Boone's Farm, yall!
The next week I got married.

The next day, I left.
That is the truth.
What happened you ask ?
Well Duh, I sobered up....
I mean,
I realized what a foolish mistake I was making and I needed to think about the rest of my life. Ummmm ... Yeah, that's it.
So I went to voc-tech school,
and partied some more....

I went to work...
and partied some more....

What's even more embarrassing than these photos ?
It was 10:00 in the morning.
Hey, we worked graveyard shift, and it was 5:00 somewhere.... Right?

How drunk do you have to be, to do this?
She was sober.


I did promise to embarrass myself...
it doesn't get much better than this.

In the next photo, we were on our way to "Backstreet" in Atlanta.
Which is a gay bar.
Hey, we could be as "freaky as we wanna be"...
it wasn't like any men there were interested.
I was practicing for my driver's liscense photo ...

Oh yeah, I was up to something,
thinking I'm pretty funny...

'till a little man put me in my place.

I think that's enough embarrassing photos....
Thank you very much.
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to see the other Friday's Favorite Family Foto Friday participants.
Next Friday, I will get back to my true love,
I think I have embarrassed myself enough.
If you happen to feel encouraged, and brave enough to share your own embarrassing photos, please leave me a comment, so I can come visit you, and feel a little better about myself.


  1. Teresa, I love,love,love your post today. That was some good partying girl. I laughed out loud and my dh asked what is going on. I showed him the last few photos and he thought you were pretty hot. Come on! He is
    almost 72. He is a fun loving guy still and I think he's still hot. LOL. Where is this going? We have been married 44 years. We still think we are young.

    Thank you for the most fun foto day ever.


  2. Fabulous post Teresa! I chuckled throughout, and even snickered a little as I recall those high-waisted pants and distressed-to-the-max jeans. Not to mention the hair! What a trip. ;o)

  3. I have pictures that look like yours. But, somebody had to be the life of the party and the responsibility seemed to land on you and me.

  4. Hi!
    Great Photos!!! Looks like you had one heck of a time!! Have a great day!!


  5. Teresa if there were a winner today,you would be it>This is so cute.And you look pretty good in slit pants and a bikini...Ann

  6. As if the clothes and hair weren't enough to laugh at...

    This could have been a wordless post.

  7. I thought I was smoking a little something looking at those pics girlfriend. LOL No not me!!! I was a good girl. Will have to talk.
    I must admit your gutsy side.
    Love it

  8. see? I told you! Great post...
    love ya,

  9. Bravo! Bravo! I am standing and applauding! This was a FANTASTIC post! I looked... I laughed... I looked again...too too good! I feel I know you better now...and I like you are wild and crazy!

    Best post I've seen in a long while! Thanks!


  10. Wow, Teresa!!! I love your post!
    Thank you for sharing all these pictures.
    I can see you had a lot of fun in you life!
    Something remind me to myself and something remind me to a former schoolfriend.
    Don´t know if it is the Hair or the clothes....


  11. You are a true southern gal! These pictures could speak for so many of my friends. I was the sheltered kind, so I have no photos like these, but I loved seeing yours and I laughed all the way through!

    Thanks for sharing!


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