Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Shall Call Her ...

Ok... So she's not beautiful like Danica Patrick, but man, is she fast.

Check out these latest sewing acquisitions !
My Grandmother just recently handed down to me, her industrial Singer ( above ) and I do love it ! The speed was a bit hard for me to control at first, but this machine is awesome for window treatments and such.
Let me just say "Thank you Granny !!! "

And my sister had inherited my paternal grandmother's 2 sewing machines, which she just gave to me. I just had them serviced, and these babies sew like a dream!
This one I really treasure...
I shall call her .. Bessie.

My daughter has laid claim to this one,

and she shall be named Louise.

So now, Alyssa has 2 sewing machines. My dear sweet Granny gave this one to her when she was 4 years old ...

after I foolishly bought my 4 year old this...

let me just say, Ladies, if your wee one wants to sew, please don't buy her a toy sewing machine. They are really just crap. Little girls need a sewing machine that is easy to use, and works the way a sewing machine is supposed to work... a real sewing machine. Therefore nurturing an interest... not quashing one.

Now this little baby, I do love, her name is Bernadette.
You Bernina owners know what I mean. Yes they are pricey... but I have never ever had a problem with my Bernina, and I have had this one for about 17 years. It never needs servicing.

And a girl has got to have a serger...

Rounding out my sewing machine family, is this Kenmore...

again a great sewing machine.

Okay, I know that the 2 of us don't need 7 sewing machines, but I am hoping to start teaching some classes, and these extras will come in handy.

Any of you local girls interested in taking a class?


  1. You Lucky Girl!! Love your collection. I only have 3 sewing machines but can only use one. LOL Thanks for sharing your collection. Happy creating on these beauties.

  2. That is a great collection.
    How funny to read that your sewing machines have a name.
    I had that very old singer too with wooden table but I sold it.
    Maybe I show my machines too.That is a good Idea.
    Thank you for your comment I feel slowly better.



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