Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Altered Window Treatments

Occasionally, a client will have window treatments that need to be altered in some way. These are just a few to show that many window treatments can be altered and re-used when you move into that new house.

This valance was new, but the client decided that she wanted me to add matching fabric to the wood cornice above it. Easy, peasy.

When this client moved to another home, the valance was too long. To remedy this problem I removed the valance from the board, dis-assembled the ends and removed fabric from each end. I re-cut the end sections to match the center and re-attached. Good as new.

This treatment was a bit more difficult. This was made to order from another state and non returnable. When it arrived, it was 3 inches too narrow for the window. Again, dis-assembly. I'll spare you the details of the wood-working. But I was able to re-build this treatment (to fit perfectly) and save it for the client. And you would never know it was altered.

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