Friday, September 26, 2008

Been Junkin !

It's Show and Tell Friday !

I have been so busy working lately, that I havent had time to visit my local consignment store or our local "junque" store. So last week I had a few minutes and stopped by. I browsed around for a few minutes and spied something gorgeous way in the back, with other pieces of furniture propped up against it.

This absolutely gorgeous circa 1800's mahogany rope bed. I raced to the cash register to call dibs before anyone else can. Honestly no one else was giving it a second thought. I had to have it. And now it's MINE !!! Complete with the original side rails. And all for just $40. I could not believe it. Isn't it beautiful. You can still see the original rope marks. For those of you who dont know what a rope bed is... it is the type of bed that was used before there were boxsprings to go underneath our mattresses. Ropes were woven through these holes in the siderails, and headboard and footboard to support the mattress.

So I'm all a flutter with excitement, and I go out to my Dad's to borrow his trailer to haul my treasure home. And since I'm having such great luck, I decided to stop at my other fav junk store, AJ's.
And looky what I found there...

I fell in love with this little rocker.

I am a certified chair-aholic. And this little number is just darling. The original wicker seat had been recovered with red velvet, which I like... but I think I'll recover it.
I had to have it. $55. I came home and researched on the internet and found that my rocker is a "1890's Thonet bentwood rocker". I found one on Ebay for $349.

Then I saw this little vintage 1970's settee with wicker sides for $30 and it perfectly matches the chair that I found at the consignment store for $10.
The settee and matching chair will be adorable painted black and re-upholstered in my black and cream toile.

I also purchased this vintage dresser with original tri-fold mirror. It's exactly like the one my grandmother had. This is for my daughter. We're going to strip it down and paint it white for her bedroom. The price - $50.

Last but not least ...

This beautiful little tin for 25 cents. I have loved tins like this since I was a little girl.

My haul for the day:

Dresser $50

Rocker $55

Settee $30

Rope Bed $40

Tin .25

Grand Total : $175.25

I am so excited about my vintage finds. When I get these beauties cleaned up and refinished I will proudly show them off here.

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