Sunday, September 28, 2008

September Garden

One thing I love about gardening,
is that everyday,
there are new surprises waiting for me.

Like these beautiful zinnias that were volunteers,

from 2007's zinnia's,

which were also volunteers,

from 2006's flower seeds that my daughter and I planted.

And these dainty rosebud caladiums,

which survived last winter.

My very first Spider Lily Bloom.

Gorgeous surrounded by the delicate artemesia blooms. I mean really... Just look at how incredibly beautiful.

I found a tiny clump of these and brought them home with me, about 2 summers ago.

I separated all the little bulbs and planted them along the front border of my flower bed. The foliage died back early this summer. Then, seemingly overnight, the naked stems emerged, supporting these breath-taking beauties.

And now I have a row of about 20 of these along the front of my flower bed.

My 3 year old licorice plant, tangled up with my 3 year old hydrangea and crinum lilies.

Maybe I like this so much because it looks like fluffy fringe.

I just want to poke my fingers in there and shake it.

And to the left of the crinum lilies is my knock out rose.

And I love the 'Blue Rose of Texas'. With the tiny pink flowers.

These little babies always bring a smile to my face.

I find gardening so theraputic, and so fulfilling.

Do you love gardening? I'd love to see your flowers.

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