Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to Sew a Tiny Rolled Hem

This hem is best for evening and bridal wear, prom dresses, etc. 
Also great for chiffon, charmeuse, any slippery, or whispy type fabrics.

You will be sewing around your hem 3 times, but only 1 stitch line will be showing.

First, mark your hem.
Cut your fabric 1/2 inch below where you want the finished hem to be.

Now you should start sewing (with a normal straight stitch).  You can see that I have the cut edge of my fabric on the 3/8" line on my throat plate (the little silver plate underneath the presser foot).

That's your 1st hem.
It should look like this...

Now you will want to fold your fabric to the left, directly on that stitch line.  This gives you a perfect 3/8" seam allowance for the hem.  Next, stitch very close to the fold. About 1/8" or less.

This is your 2nd hem.

Next you should trim away the excess hem fabric.  Cut as close as possible to the second hem-line.  You need a good pair of sharp scissors for this.  I like to use my small embroidery scissors.

A closer look.

Now roll the hem to the left again, and stitch as closely as possible to the left edge of the hem.  This is your 3rd and final hem.

Press and you are done!

I know... it's been forever since I've posted anything about sewing... Right?

Have a Lovely Sunday!


  1. Well, well, well...I had to turn 70 to learn how to do this! Thank you! I have always done it by hand and it takes forever. I never realized it could be done on the machine. I will be eternally grateful. You are a peach!
    P.S. For some reason, I have trouble posting a comment on your page under my blog account.

  2. Why is it that I CANNOT find anyone in this town that does slipcovers???? Would you mind moving over here so I can hire you?



    Lou Cinda

  3. You are brilliant!

  4. Hey there girlie. I popped in to say I was thinking of you and find a lesson. I use to sew a lot and these little tricks make such a difference to the finishing. You are a haute couture mind waiting for a villa in Milan. You have great taste and good ideas. Does that little town know how great you are?

    I think of our fun together and that cold black cannon. Makes me laugh. Ah - the day we can see each other again.

    We shall await.
    Love ya and hope your life is fab.

  5. Oh how wonderful to have the patience to sew, especially something like slipcovers which would save me so much money.
    Glad to visit.

  6. I never learned how to sew properly but I miss my dear auntie Ang who sewed like a dream and always helped me along!

  7. absolutely fabulous! I have a chiffon silk dress with three layers to hem for a client and I was really dreading it. This will make it so much easier! Thank you!


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