Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kung Fu Chair

Why do I call this Kung Fu Chair?

Because it kicked my Booty!!

You see, this it how it looked before...
(pretend you don't see that trash can in the background)

Who ever upholstered this chair before, simply wrapped fabric
around the arm rest and side pieces, then attached the arms in a rather odd way.
It was time to replace that fabric, too.

Time for T to do some upholstery...

She's as good as new now.

This chair belongs to my Great Aunt Ola Nell. She rocked every one of her children, and all of her grandchildren in this chair, so it's holds many special memories. One grand-daughter has asked that this chair be left to her.

These are the kinds of jobs I just can't say no to.
I'm a sentimental fool.


  1. Oh I LOVE sentimental fools, and your one of my favorite.
    Love the chair... are your hands healed?
    Love Ya
    Love Claudie

  2. Teresa! I need you here! Upholstering is the one thing I cannot do! Your chair looks stunning. Another beautiful job by YOU! I have the cutest little barrel chair that swivels....love it but it's white and dirty and it needs a new life. I'm trying to make an off-white slipcover but I don't have a lot of faith in the outcome.
    I know jealousy is not a good trait, but I'm very jealous of your talents.

  3. Oh my -- it turned out beautiful! Love the fabric!


  4. Gorgeous! I love the fabric, it really looks like a brand new chair :)

  5. Good girl Teresa, even if it did kick your ass! I SO sentimental when it comes from stuff my family had. Maybe that is why my house is filled with so much STUFf!!
    Take care, Sue

  6. You Rock! I can't believe how wonderful it turned out. Love the fabric.

  7. Great job!! It looks like a good baby rocking chair...

  8. Well, of course it looks AWESOME! Love the fabric!! You are SO talented!! I am envious as I cannot sew...maybe a straight seam and trust me, that ain't even pretty!! Cussing is involved....just sayin'

    Did you change your blog address?? I was following you and then it disappeared....I am so glad you left me a comment on my kitchen dilemma cos I found you again!

    I'm not trendy either...I just go with what I like!!

    Have a great day!

    Lou Cinda

  9. How in the world did you learn to do that? Are you self taught at upholstery? Did you just jump in with both hands and feet and try it? You are good!


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