Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Do Windows

One of the reasons I began this blog,
was to have a way to showcase my work for potential
clients. With that in mind, allow me to share my latest
window treatments.
Remember these cute little stools?

I made these window treatments with those same fabrics
to finish off the room.
This cornice box was built into the frame of the house.
I had to sew the individual fabric layers, and then attach it
to the cornice in place. I made gathered panels for each
end, with shaped lower hems to match the hemline of
the upper valances.
Yall know I'm not a photographer,
but here's a closer look.

One for the kitchen window as well.

Ta - Da!


  1. You just amaze me. How long did that take? I bet just figuring it out took a while. So beautiful!

  2. The window treatments are fabulous....fabric is beautiful! Happy New Year

  3. You "DO" windows well girl! Keep it up and pat yourself on the back while you are at it. Your work is awesome!

    Take care, Sue

  4. Darn it Teresa, my comment went to cyber space again. WTHeck?
    I'm lovin all your projects you super talented lady friend of mine.
    Ready for Fla? Might just be going to Savannah if you want to meet us there. I can't remember where you are from there. email me ok?
    Love Ya

  5. Hello Theresa, thank you for your visits and comments too. The photo today is one quilt kit. The idea is to do a block a month and there are 12 months of quilt blocks for the bird quilt. It is all one project. Since I purchased these a while ago I now have it all together. I could do the blocks in less time. HA! I hope I can do it in less time because I have another quilt to work on when this is done. This is a huge undertaking so I decided to publicly challenge myself. Now I am forced to work on it. Big smile.

    Your curtains are a custom made gorgeous job. I love them so much. Your work is fabulous. They look beautiful in your home. I love your choice of colors as well. I too love fabrics. I used to sew a lot, but not as much now.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  6. Oh, shoot, I forgot...when are you coming to my house? :) What fantastic work! You are a talented artist and a true inspiration to me! Bravo!


  7. Hello Teresa, we wish you a wonderful happy new Year!
    You are so talented. I love your wonderful work.


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