Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chicken Hearted

Yes I am.
Never been inked.
I've thought about it.
Even studied tattoo designs.
I even finalized a design that I wanted...
a tribal style triangle (upside down), with a blue and
purple orchid in the center, all girly like.
Put on my big girl brave face and went down to the
tattoo parlor. I was ready to go for it.
Talked to the artist for a while, he asked if I had any
other tattoos. I said "no".
And so did he.
When he found out I had, as he put it "virgin skin",
he wouldn't do it.
So I thought...
"Here's your sign."
I've never been inked.
And I thought, maybe that's for the better.
Tastes do change.
But imagine my delight when I stumble across this website.
They even have a blog.
On their blog, I discovered this...

That's right! You can print your own temporary tattoos!

Think about the possibilities!
Now all you chicken hearted girlies like me,
can pretend to be tough.
Without the pain, or long term commitment.


  1. Okay girl, confession time. I have a tattoo and not too many people know I do. It's two hybiscus' (my love of Hawaii and gardening) on my left shoulder/back area. You can't see it unless I am in a swimsuit. I did it because it gave me this sense of something I wanted to do for "me", if that makes sense. I have no regrets and since I can't see it I often forget about it. Pain. . another thing between you and I, have a few drinks before and its a piece of cake. Hey, you gave birth, twice, nothing is more painful than that. Keep me posted! Sue

  2. I agree with Sue; if its something you really want to do for yourself, go for it! I did, and even though other people might say "you'll hate it in a few years", I love it because it represents me. My way to avoid the pain was to take a friend; I was too busy chatting with her to notice too much of it...and anyway, its only short term pain. Good luck!

  3. I have a bet with my brother to get a tat before i'm 40. 40 is getting here very soon. My fear is that the artist wont do as I want. I know what I want where I wanted but it scares me that it won't turn out and I will be stuck with it forever!!! :)


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