Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ugly No More

Remember the ugly floor ?
Well, it is G-O-N-E, gone.

Not bad, hmm ?
And it's just amazing what a little paint can do for tired old cabinets. I absolutely love the way it has turned out. And thank you ladies, for the advice... the cream paint for the cabinets was definitely the best choice. Still waiting for the new cabinet pulls, but in the meantime, I have plenty of projects to keep me busy... like that new table you see there.

I got this table base at my favorite local junk store for $20. It was exactly what I was looking for. So I scraped and sanded off the ugly yellow paint, and this is what I had.

Then my Dad and I made a top for it with the barnwood that I have collected.

Just look at how gorgeous the grain is on this wood.

My plan for this table, was to paint a chessboard on top, ( we love to play chess )
but now that I see how pretty the wood is, I don't know if I can bring myself to paint it...

Maybe I'm going a little overboard with the checkered paint.

I also acquired these 2 lovely antique chairs, while there...

Okay, they arent lovely yet. But I am about to paint them black and add new seats, and then they will be lovely,
you'll see...


  1. You have the BEST ideas. Love how your kitchen is turning out. Those rugs on the newly painted floor are beautiful. Can't wait to see how the table and chairs turn out. Good going!

  2. What a terrific job. It looks spectacular. You must be very happy!

  3. yay! your kitchen gets cuter with every post!

  4. Floor looks great............

    I have been wondering where you have been. Didn't know if you we're sick or not.

  5. I love it. It is great.This is the right color. You have been so busy and it fall out so pretty!
    I wish we had these junk store here too.These chairs are wonderful. Cant wait to see it ready!

    big hugs

  6. Teresa
    Isn't Stefanie so adorable? I love her blogs.
    I must say that I love your new table and chairs. I can't wait to see what you do with them.
    I agree with you about the checker pattern on the table.
    I found my door handles to show you.
    May i send it in an email? Yes I see your email button.
    Love Claudie


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