Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is my GranDad.
Roy Turk.
You may remember him from my last Foto Friday.

I grew up right next door to my grandparents. And I remember him playing that guitar, late in the afternoon, after the farming chores were done. Behind him, to the left, is the piano that he bought for my mother when she was just 9 years old. He would pick that guitar, and sing to my mother, coaching her to find the right keys on the piano.
And can you believe it...
she still has that very piano, and the guitar.
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  1. What a handsome fellow with a great sense of style! That hat is awesome. :o)

  2. How cool is that - to have the same instruments after all this time! What memories, and what fun they must have had! Great photo - thanks for sharing!

  3. Musical instruments are always a special part of a musical families life. It is a great photo and the memories are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hi!
    Handsome guy! Aren't memories wonderful! Have a great day!!


  5. What a wonderful photo of a very handsome man! Look at that smile! I bet you remember his smile!

  6. Hi Theresa, what wonderful memories of your grand dad. How lucky that you lived next door and was able to get to know him so much!
    I also sent you an email and links where you can buy those mosaic nippers at to cut your mosaic with a clean edge!

  7. How wonderful,you know it takes a village?I'll bet it was such a secure feEling being surrounded by those who love you.And your grandpa is good looking too...aNN

  8. I LOVE Roy...He looks so darn cool.
    My hubby plays the guitar and I love listening and wish I could sing...
    Living next door was the best thing for your family.
    Love You girl and your "little" girl...
    Love Claudie

  9. Great Grandpa used to play the guitar, too! I really miss him.

  10. This could be one of my posts! I have so many old photos with guitars and mandolins in them. I have my great aunt Katherine's will be passed down to my granddaughter Kathryn. Some of my fondest memories is when our family got together to play music and sing. Your grandfather was a very handsome man.

    Thanks for the memories and for sharing your photo,

  11. You had a fine looking Grandfather and a guitar player at that. Cherish your memories forever.

  12. That's a great old picture. It sounds like you have fond memories. ☺ I have a few memories of my dad playing guitar.

    How nice that your mom still has that piano and guitar.

    take care,

  13. Your grandfather looks like a sweetheart.


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