Saturday, February 28, 2009

Milk Glass

Several years ago, I happened upon this little beauty in an antique shop.

The sticker said it was made in 1910. It is in pristine condition. Not a single nick or scratch. It is beautiful. The translucent edges are so delicate. Can't you just picture it on a Victorian Lady's dresser?

I had to have it.

And so began my passion for collecting milk glass.

My second piece is a vintage Avon soap dish.

Macbeth-Evans Glass Company produced Monax Petalware plates like these in 1930. Again those delicate translucent edges were calling to me, and I had to have this.

Macbeth-Evans also produced the American Sweetheart pattern in 1930. I had one of those beauties, but one fateful day, it smashed to smithereens. Boo hoo.

I do however have a Petalware creamer and American Sweetheart sugar dish... not exactly a "set"... but I like to mix it up, so it's my sugar and creamer set, and I love it.

One fine day recently, at our local junk store, I found the compliment to my larger dresser box.

It still has a little of the original gold paint on the edges. This one is in perfect condition too. And I paid .50 cent for it ! Can you believe that?
This last piece is a swung vase. I LOVE these vases. You can really see the opal-like appearance on this one. Don't you just love it?
This vase is also part of a collection of swung vases that I have. I'll save those for another day.

If you have milk glass pieces, I would love to see yours.
Leave a comment and/or link so I can come see yours.


  1. Teresa, those pieces are beautiful!
    love ya,

  2. That is such awesome milk glass! I have a ton too and I use it for everything! Jen

  3. That is a wonderful cllection, Teresa. I don´t think that I have any piece of milk glass.
    I´ll look in the ground of my cupboards soon and show iff I find one!

    Yours is adorable!!!

  4. What a beautiful collection! I love the boxes, so dainty. I'll have to start looking for some when I'm out at the flea markets and antique shops. And $.50! What a great find!


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