Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Show Me Yours

and I thought it would be fun to post our favorite jewelry.
This is mine.

My paternal grandmother was Cherokee Indian. So you might say these are extra special to me. I have a rather large collection of native american jewelry. I always think of the squash blossom necklace as the most traditional in native american style.
I feel a little bit like Wonder Woman when I wear these 2 bracelets.
Do you have some favorite jewelry ?
So can I see yours?
Leave a comment please, so I can come over to your place...


  1. Hello Teresa! I am a friend of Stefanie and came to see your jewelry! Very is my birthstone, December. I love amber and agate, labradorite. I mostly make my own jewelry when I am not stamping away making ATC's and cards.
    I like how you redid your overstuft sofa and chair. I wish I had that talent.
    Have a wonderful year.
    I will let you know when I post some of my favorite jewelry...
    Purrrs Karla

  2. Wow, Teresa, that´s great!!! Oh I always wished to have a ring in that turquoise bracelet style! did you have that too ?
    Your jewels are so beautiful. ´
    I posted mine too. My favorit is the bear paw. Unfortunately I don`t know from which native american tribe the jewels are. Maybe you know it.

    Thanks for showing us your jewels!!!

  3. LOVE this jewelry. Both my kids are studying Native American Indians in their classes at school. It's so fun to learn along with them...makes me long for a simpler life.

  4. Hi Teresa, LOL at your "Wonder Woman" comment. The southwestern Native American look is a favorite for a guy, I don't own much jewelry but I do have a huge cuff bracelet of silver and turquoise that I'm very fond of.


    at Rings & Things

  5. You are wonder woman girlfriend. I always wanted to meet her.


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