Monday, December 22, 2008

35 Cents

Some Catchin' up to do..


On my latest junkin' adventure,I happened upon this...
A box of vintage laces and trims, and really cute tins.

Hand crocheted vintage collars.

These sleeves and this collar had been carefully removed from a vintage wedding dress.

I wish I knew the story behind the dress,
I wonder who she was...
How she must've treasured this dress...
It must have been damaged and tattered after so many years...
yet she still could not bring herself to throw away the beautiful sleeves,
or the collar. She saved every little part that she could.

Also in this goody box was this vintage crochet piece.

I'm not sure, but I believe pieces like this were meant to be used on dressers or mantles.
Please leave a comment for me if you know...

There were all sorts of vintage lace remnants, like this...

I have been collecting tins like these since I was a little girl,
they really are works of art, and pieces of history.

The tins cost me 5 cents each...

The box of lace cost me 25 cents...
I love it.
And I shared my box of vintage goodness with my wonderful new friends...
Missy @ fairychild heirlooms makes the most incredible heirloom dresses and blessing/christening gowns. So of course I thought of her, and sent her the best laces, along with some ribbon from my collection.

And for my sweet friend, Stefanie, in Germany, I decided to make a "vintage" angel.
Stefanie and I were partners for the Vintage Pink Christmas Swap.
The conditions were that the gift should be vintage/vintage inspired, pink, and Christmas. Or a combination of all three. And something handmade.

So I used one of the sleeves from the vintage wedding dress, cut it apart and reworked it, with more vintage cream colored silk, and made a dress for the angel. I used the vintage crochet collar from the wedding dress to trim the angel's dress.

I added a little embroidery, and some beads.
And ya know, an angel's gotta have wings,
so I used more of the cream colored silk to make her wings,
Then I hand beaded the wings, and used a vintage 1928 brooch (with Pink stone) for the center of the wings.

Now I didn't know if Stefanie has something special that goes on top of her tree.
I didn't want to ask, or it would give away the surprise, so I made the angel with a few options.

The angel can stand alone like this,
or go on top of the tree.


Not enough Pink...

Here we go...

That's more like it!

So I decided to make the angel a jacket.
From remnants, of course.
Wine colored velvet with shimmering pleated ruffles.
Entirely sewn by hand, and embroidered.

She needed something for her hands...
so I used my love of beading to make her a staff.
A single pink flower with mother of pearl trim.

Since the wings are attached with the vintage brooch, Stephanie can dress the angel with or without the wings, and with or without the jacket.

What can I say? I'm a libra... I couldn't make up my mind.

Oh, and the brooch had matching earrings,
which I used to adorn the jacket at the waist...

All of the jewelry is removable,
so Stefanie can wear it as well.

I included these vintage handpainted bud vases.
Very girly!

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