Sunday, December 21, 2008

4... 3... 2...

Merry Christmas to You!!

I love seeing your favorite ornaments,
so now, I'll share mine.

Handmade by us.

We collect angels,
We collect stars,

And these from my new friend Stefanie, in Germany,

From my sweet son, Dylan,

Pink glitter for my girlie girl,
right next to Martha's green glitter star,


Monogram ornaments, made from remnants,

Alyssa loves her glitter seahorse,

we have angels all over our tree,
and a large collection of icicle ornaments like this santa icicle,

my crosstitched ornament from my very first swap,
gold filgree heart,
and mercury glass santa,

Alyssa and I have made lots of these from remnants,

A dear friend of mine gave me this oyster shell santa ornament,

can you believe it? an oyster shell???

recycling at it's best.


This gorgeous angel I've had about 20 years,

the vintage porcelain angels are pretty sweet,

I couldn't resist this bird, in my fav color,

Even rustic tin stars..

and corkscrew icicle snowmen.

I wish you all
Merry Christmas to all of You!!

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