Thursday, November 27, 2008

On Friendship

This Thanksgiving Day,
among the many things that I am thankful for,
is friendship.
Especially my new blogging friends,
Stefanie, and Missy.
I have no photo's of us together, so I am sharing some photos of my son Dylan with his very first friend, Ooo Boo.

In 1993.

And from Elbert Hubbard, 1907...
The desire for friendship is strong in every human heart. We crave the companionship of those who can understand. The nostalgia of life presses, we sigh for "home," and long for the presence of one who sympathizes with our aspirations, comprehends our hopes and is able to partake of our joys. A thought is not our own until we impart it to another, and the confessional seems a crying need of every human soul. The desire for sympathy dwells in every human heart.
We reach the divine through some one, and by dividing our joy with this one, we double it, and come in touch with the universal. The sky is never so blue, the birds never sing so blithely, our acquaintainces are never so gracious as when we are filled with love for some one.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friends.


  1. Hey sweetie!
    I'm so thankful for your friendship too!

  2. I love your post.
    and I´m also thankful for our friendship!


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