Sunday, August 10, 2008

Geri's quilt

Let's talk about girl power.

This quilt top was hand pieced by a lady named Geri.

She called and asked me to finish the quilt for her grand-daughter.I went to meet Geri, pick up the quilt top, and discuss quilting designs.

She began to explain to me the reason for the quilt. You see, several years ago, She and her husband ran a little business here in this small town. These people had BIG hearts. They believe that all people deserve a second chance. They would give jobs to men whom had just been released from prison. Give those people a second chance, to get on their feet.

One morning, Geri went in to open the office as usual, and the ex-con employee, whom these people had been so generous as to give a job to, decided to rob these people instead of going to work.

Not only was this jerk going to rob these wonderful people. He figured he would kill her and get away with it. He bashed her head in, and beat her almost to death. She wasnt expected to live. But she somehow pulled through. Although she had severe brain damage. Geri had to relearn just about everything. Her doctors advised her to take up hand quilting as therapy to help her with the function of her hands.

And that is the way this quilt came about.

I was awed at this woman's strength and courage. It was an honor to finish this quilt for her. I felt a little stronger, just from meeting her.

I quilted in the ditch on the 9-patch blocks and used a Harriet Hargrave continuous-line pattern on the black blocks.

Girl Power

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