Sunday, August 10, 2008

Conley quilts

I made 4 quilts for the conley family.
Each for a new grandchild.
I hand embroidered the baby girl's name on the quilt.
The large center block had a pieced and appliqued "sun" medallion,
bordered with a yellow and white check block.

This quilt had a pink & white check border printed with flowers and butterflies.
To enhance the flower border, I pieced a picket fence on the lower portion
of the quilt, which depicts the flowers growing up through the fence.

Then added hand embroidery to some of the flowers.
In the upper portion of the quilt, I hand appliqued shooting stars,
with embroidered "swirls" following the shooting stars.

Taylor Madison
This was the first quilt I made for the Conleys.

You can see that I love the yellow and white check border.
This quilt also had a center medallion with hand embroidered name and hand embroidered feathered heart.

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