Sunday, July 27, 2008

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

A special message from me...
for a very special
ex sister in law.

Poor Mrs-erable Lisa Tuck. 
I knew you couldn't stay away.
You're obsessed with me.
I get it.
I've never been afraid to just BE who I am,
and DO what ever I want to do. 
I've never really given a damn
about what other people think.
Don't you wish you could live that way?
Just to be yourself,
It must be sad there...
pretending to be someone you aren't.
Stuck in a marriage to a man.
Because your family wouldn't accept you
if you were honest about who you really are.
I almost feel sorry for you.
you are so miserable,
and you just can't stand to see someone
living exactly the way they want to.
With no repercussions.
And that is why you try so hard
to bring other people down.
You know,
You went to college just to get
yourself a man, to support you.
You reached your goal.
Is that success?
Are you happy?
Well everyone knows the answer to that.
Have you ever supported yourself,
at any point in your life???
You couldn't do it, could you?
But you think you are smart.
You couldn't support yourself if your
life depended on it.
But you know that.
You just hide behind someone else.
And stir up shit.
'Cause that's the only thing you are good at.
You don't even have the nerve to fight your own battles.
What's it like to be so weak?
I am so thankful that I am not like you.
Yes I am kinda rough around the edges.
If I have a problem,
I prefer to confront that problem head on.
But since all you have the balls to do,
is stalk me on my webpage,
I will sink down to your level.
I don't mind getting dirty.
I guess (maybe) by now you have figured out
that I have tracking on my webpage.
I know you have been coming here
for at least a year.
Constantly going through all of my posts
labeled "family".
You hate me sooo bad.
But you can't stay away...
It's just been eating at you, hasn't it?
You just can't stand it,
I am under your skin,

and you can't let go of that.

But we all know how you work...

 you had to get Kristy all worked up.

So maybe she would take a cheap shot
at me.  Why don't you grow a pair and
learn to fight your own battles?
But the thing is...
this is NOT your battle,
is it?

Why are you obsessed with
MY family?
My children?
And just why the hell are
you doing web searches for my daughter?
Are you a pedophile?
You should really tend to your own,
and keep your nose out of everyone elses business.
Since you are so obsessed with me,
and KEEP coming back and searching through my blog,
It's obvious that you want to learn everything
you can about me.
Let me help you out with that...
Remember when I packed your brother's shit
and told him to hit the road?
I really tried to be more than fair
to him.  I gave him a 36 ft boat,
I provided a vehicle for him,
I told him that he could have anything he
wanted out of the house.
He called one day,
after I had already moved into my new apartment,
 he had his panties in a twist...
You were hysterical that I
was after "that house".
You do realize that the house we were
living in was a rental... Right?
It took me a minute, because
I couldn't believe he thought I wanted to
fight over a rental house, in the divorce.
Of course... It was You,
You had your panties in some kinda twists yourself.
Then I realized that he was referring to your parents house.
Are you smarter than a 5th grader???.
What college did you go to?
Did you HONESTLY think I wanted your parents house?
What goes on in that head of yours?
That was about the point that I grew
tired of trying to be 'nice' to your brother.
It's too bad that he couldn't just
be a man.  Too bad he couldn't tend to his own
divorce and handle his own business.
But I'm beginning to see the trend now.
Neither can you.
Then you got your panties in another bunch,
and actually suggested to your brother,
that he could sue me for palimony.
Yeah, you people really are so much better
than someone like me.  You thought your
unemployed brother should sue for
man-support!  Since after all, I was the one
making the money. 
High class, you people are.
That was the END of my understanding,
or trying to meet him half-way.
Must have made you proud.
That was your ultimate goal,
Once again you had success.
If your brother had a spine,
he would have put you in your place
17 years ago.
Then maybe, things would be different
for him today.
Have you ever thought about that?
You know, all these years...
I never told my son one single thing
about his donor.
Yeah, that's what he is.
He's certainly not a father.
My son never even knew his name.
Your step-sister spent enough time here.....
She knows.
I never spoke ill of your brother,
or anyone else in his family,
in front of my child.
I wouldn't do that to my son.
Because I'm not like YOU.
I know you don't understand that...
But if my son knew the truth about your brother,
or the rest of you...
he would be hurt.
He would be angry.
I wanted to protect my son from that.
And all people like you.
Don't get me wrong,
I am eternally grateful that
my child was never around any
of you, while he was growing up.
I thank you for that.
But I never told him about any of you.
I wanted him to have a happy,
normal childhood.
And he has.
But I knew that one day,
I would have to tell him about
your brother.
I thought that one day,
he might actually want to know his donor.
Which is why I kept it all
to myself, all these years.
I wanted Dylan to be able to
decide for himself.
I would never speak ill of the deadbeat,
because I wouldn't ever want my son
to hold that against me. 
And I would never do anything to hurt my son.
I have never, ever, ever
interfered in your brother's life.
He knows it.
You know it.
You should have let sleeping dogs lie.
Well, Dylan is 17 now, and old enough
to know the truth.  So I have answered
all of his questions about his donor now.
And the rest of you. 
 He is hurt.
He is angry. 
I pray that he doesn't grow bitter now.
I pray that his pain doesn't turn
into hate.  I pray that it doesn't change
the beautiful heart that he has always had.
Proud of yourself??
He wants to change his last name now.
He wants his donor to suffer.
Do you think Dylan wants to know him now?
Or was that your intention?
Did you want to make sure that Dylan
only has contempt for his donor,
and the rest of you?
.Did you want to make sure that Dylan
never wants to have anything to do with your brother?
Well congrats to you.
You are good at something after all.
Does this make you feel good???
To hurt a child?
I hope you don't think you are hurting me.
'Cause I don't give a damn about you,
or anyone else in your family.
Therefore, your opinions of me...
don't mean a thing.
But the fact that my son,
 is now heartbroken...
Well someone is going to pay for that.
And that is a promise.

Poor Kristy...
I bet it didn't take much prodding from you
to get her all worked up.
Congrats again.
Got someone else to do your dirty deeds.
Does Kristy realize that she was just
a pawn?  You manipulated her so easily.
Aren't you proud of yourself.
Well here's the thing, Mrs Erable...
If you think I'm gonna take your bullshit,
you are even dumber than I imagined.
I know that your brother
 knows better than to start some bullshit like this with me. 
So... when it hits the fan...
and I promise you...
it IS going to hit the fan....
he will have YOU to thank for this.
So you should go ahead and fess up.

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