Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Showers

Bring May Flowers

Indian Pinks (Spigelia Marilandica) - which aren't pink at all.
One of my very favorite native wildflowers.  From my favorite place to shop for native plants...
My Dad's land!

I love this dark and velvety purple Iris with my peach heuchera.  And just on the other side is purple heart wondering Jew.  Peach and Purple may be an odd combination, but I just love the contrast. 

When I purchased this iris 2 years ago, it was simply labeled "pink iris".  Which, it quite obviously isn't.  And that's the kind of surprise I love to find in my garden!  I had been looking at all of my local nurseries for this cultivar of Louisiana Iris - "Black Gamecock". 

This little beauty came from my father's land, as well.  I found a tiny little patch of this native called Arisaema.  Or, Jack in the Pulpit.  This plant would be so easy to overlook.  Each stem is topped by a single leaf, divided into 3 leaflets, only a few inches high, 8 - 10 at the most, and a single petaled flower underneath the leaves.  It's such a delicate and exotic flower.  It dies back in the heat of the summer, but comes back strong every spring.

What's blooming for you today?

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  1. Your Dad has some awesome plants in his area!! I too like the contrast of the iris and the heuchera.


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