Saturday, July 10, 2010

Be Still...

... my chairaholic, fabric lovin' heart!
If LOVE was a chair,
she would look like this...

Can I get a witness??

She's way out of my budget,
but if you're interested...
you can find her here.

Mama Mia! I could design a whole room around that chair...
know what I'm sayin'?


  1. WHAT, you came up for air Daisy?????
    I missed you, and yes you can have a fairytale love affair with this chair. I'll let ya'.
    Love You
    Love Me
    P.S. Julie is in Washington State rowing a boat : )

  2. she is a pretty thing isn't she?

  3. I have a couch with big buttons that fit into loops down the center of the back.

    It's the unexpected details like this chair that can make a whole room special.


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